Add A Hostess

Get The Most Out Of Your Holiday!

"The Yacht Week Moments - Lunch at Sea" Trailer

The Yacht Week Moments - Lunch at Sea

Wake up to the gentle rocking of the ocean underneath you. Take a morning dip in the beautiful sea. Dry off on deck to the smell of breakfast wafting up from the saloon. Kick your feet up, feel the breeze against your face, and let your cares fade away as a TYW Hostess treats you to a freshly prepared meal in paradise.

Why you don’t want to miss out on a TYW Hostess
  • Do the food shopping on arrival and throughout the week. A member of their crew should accompany them and pay for the shopping.
  • Cleaning the galley, saloon, cockpit and toilets, but not the bedrooms.
  • Prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner (dinner maximum of 2 nights a week).
  • Serving drinks with dinner.
  • Washing the dishes.

Think of your hostess as an extra friend aboard the boat. They have their own duties for the week, but that does not limit their fun. Be good to your hostess and your hostess will be good to you! The hostess is only an option if you also have a TYW Skipper on board. Remember, both will each take up a space on your yacht.


A hostess will cost €650 a week in Croatia, Italy, Greece and Turkey; €600 In Thailand and in the British Virgin Islands a hostess is $940.

The hostess will do all the cooking and cleaning in the galley on your yacht and relieve stress with an experienced hand during shopping on the day of arrival.