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Want to get away from cooking and washing the dishes when you are on holiday? If so, then you should book a hostess for a week. The hostess will stay on your boat and do it for you.

Hostess Obligations:

  • Do the food shopping on arrival. A member of their crew should accompany them and pay for the shopping.
  • Cleaning the galley area, but not the bedrooms or deck – you will still be responsible for your own mess).
  • Prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner (dinner maximum of 2 nights a week).
  • Serving drinks with dinner.
  • Washing the dishes.
A hostess will cost €550 a week*

A hostess should been seen as an extra friend on the boat. They will get paid, but that doesn’t mean that they will not have a good time. Be good to your hostess and they will be good to you!

Hostess cooking lunch on the yacht

The hostess will do all the cooking and cleaning in the galley on your yacht and you don’t have to bother about the shopping on the day of arrival.

Remember! The hostess will need a space/bed on the boat! Also, the hostess is only an option if you also have a TYW Skipper on board!

*Hostesses are only available in Croatia, Italy and Greece.