Estimated Extra Costs Per Person

The extra costs below are approximate and are calculated based on the maximum amount of people possible on the yacht. You will use more fuel traveling by engine than if you use the sails. Also port fees are not required if you choose to stay at anchor over night.

In addition to these costs you have to pay for your own food and drink on site as well as that of your skipper and hostess (if you book one). Food is usually eaten on the yacht and this will be quite affordable since you can buy everything from supermarkets. An average crew will probably eat dinner at restaurant 2-3 nights per week.

The prices you see below are calculated on a Bavaria 45, which is a yacht with 10 beds. The prices will vary depending on what size of yacht you choose.

Croatia Included €4-6 €10-20 €14-43 €28-69
Greece Included €4-6 €10-20 €0-2 €14-28
Italy Included €4-6 €10-20 €0-39 €14-65
Turkey Included $4-8 $25-40 $12-24 $41-72
BVI Included $6-8 $14-28 $12-21 $132-157
Thailand Included ฿0-260 ฿0-900 ฿0 ฿0-1,160

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