Hostess 4

Hostesses are a Limited Edition. Secure Yours Now.


A hostess will take your trip to the next level of relaxation; doing the food shop, helping with the cleaning and whipping up some tasty treats. Guiding you and your crew safely through the bewildering array of fresh Mediterranean produce. Curating delicious marine meals for you and your mates to savour; from the tangiest tomatoes to the richest sun-kissed olives.

Don’t believe us? Scroll down for a taste of what could be coming your way.

1. Food with a view.

Taste the high life with a marine meal; parma ham, fresh mozzarella and peppery rocket come together and served above the sea bed.

photo: Fabian Wester

2.¡Hot in Herre!

Guacamole, quesadillas and roasted tomato salsa. Some spicy food to ensure your radiating contagious charisma lasts from dawn till dusk.

photo: Fabian Wester

3. Bohemian Rhapsody.

The wrap is the humble sandwich’s sassy older sister and the foodie’s version of lego. Build yours to the gentle rock of the waves.

photo: Fabian Wester

4. Eggstacy!

Supercharge your morning and start your day with some delightfully fluffy scrambled eggs, succulent tomatoes and a smattering of cracked black pepper.

photo: Fabian Wester

5. When life gives you melons, Hostesses make melonaid.

That constitutes a perfectly refreshing watermelon based cocktail; the perfect holiday nectar.

photo: Fabian Wester

6. Release the Dragon.

The dragon fuit only flowers underneath a full moon; this bewitching fruit is on par with a glossy dark red pout in the glamour stakes.

photo: Fabian Wester

7. Pas’ta banter

Food has a curious way of fueling fun. Book a hostess and watch the mercury rise on the fun-o-meter.

photo: Marcus Olsson

8. Tuna down for yacht.

This glorious pasticcio of eggs, tuna and olives will pack you with the nutrients you need for that beach babe glow you’ve been pining for.

photo: Fabian Wester

9. It’s the small things in life.

Because sometimes less is more. For a perfect little bite of paradise, try some Italian melt-in-the-mouth brushcetta.

photo: Arron Leppard

10. Keep it unreal.

Dine like Kings and Queens; the bigger your budget, the bigger the bang. Ensure yours is the alpha yacht this summer and grant your hostess the liberty to create magical dishes.

photo: Fabian Wester

11. Do knot tie up your hostess

Let’s tie up this post with how NOT to treat your Hostess. Remember, like a Skipper, the Hostess will become part of the crew and take up a space on your yacht. She will fuse together dreamy dishes, fun and friendship to ensure your holiday is nothing short of a real life fantasy from start to finish.

photo: Marcus Olsson

Email to secure your hostess now.


Press Coverage – Refinery29


Thank you to Refinery29 for listing The Yacht Week as ’15 Trips To Take Before You Turn 30′!


Baywatch Tyw

TYW Style File 2014


Fancy yourself as a bit of a style maverick?

Scroll down to view the most stylish shots of the beautiful people that graced our decks in 2014. Take note: your sartorial choices could earn you a place in our 2015 edit – so what are you waiting for? Get your yacht and we’ll see you port side.

1. Underwater Baywatch Beauties

Been sweating it out in the gym? Baywatch is always in vogue. Unleash your inner Pamela with a fiercely sexy red bathing suit.

baywatch tyw
photo: Arron Leppard

2. Stripe a Pose

Ahoy sailor! Pair mirrored shades with nautical stripes: when vanity strikes, simply whip them off, peer into the lenses and rest assured that you’re still Prince Charming.

photo: Arron Leppard

3.Get Matchy-Matchy

Love a gimmick? So do we, there’s nothing like uniting your crew with a fun accessory. Add a splash of colour to your outfit with one of these *totes* adorbs Pingu inspired phone covers.

Pingu posers
photo: Fabian Wester

4.Birds of Paradise

Blessed with golden locks? Perfectly sun kissed skin, slinky body to boot? No? Me neither. But if you are one of the privileged few, dare to bare in canary yellow. This hot hue is sure to turn heads.

black and yellow
photo: Fredrik Nystedt

5. We Like Short Shorts

Show off perfectly honed pins in a pair of denim cut-offs. Be sure to don your favourite pair whilst strutting down the promenade. Distressed? Bleached? Patterned? Embellished? Whatever floats your boat.

tyw_-6006 (1)
photo: Fabian Wester

6. Get Fruity

Leave your strict Ralph Lauren style philosophy at the dock and opt for something a little more light-hearted. Clothe your bottom half with a pineappley print and you are sure to be a talking point among the ladies.

photo: Fabian Wester

7. Make some noise with your TYW (fabric) band

Leave your expensive metals at home and wear your TYW band with pride. For extra style points follow this lady’s lead and co-ordinate your beach cover up with your TYW wrist candy to ensure you are THE belle of the beach.

purple girl
photo: Fabian Wester

8. All White on the Night

White is the perfect complement to sun glazed skin, a passport to angelic beauty and a stamp of meticulous sophistication. TYW White Parties are a firm favourite, be sure to pack this heavenly homage.

photo: Fabian Wester

9.The Power of the Flower

Don’t be beige. Throw somber shades out of the porthole and show your true colours in a fabulously floral ensemble. Accentuate the look with a garland on the wrist for some perfect tropical charm.

photo: Fabian Wester

10. Feel like you’re flagging?

If style indecision has washed over you like a tidal wave, here’s a little Yacht Week tip. Grab that flag that’s been advertising your homeland like a billboard all week and swaddle yourself in national pride. Accentuate the waist with some old rope and VOILA, you’ll be oozing Olympic medal podium chic.

photo: Arron Leppard

11. Purrfect Feline Prints

Nothing screams feisty like leopard print. Team with some cat eye sunglasses and you’ll be all set to prowl the pier with SASS.

baywatch tyw
photo: Fredrik Nystedt

12. Colourful Crochet

Channel your inner boho babe with some vibrant crochet garms. Match with your bestie for a perfect Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift BFF vibe.

baywatch tyw
photo: Arron Leppard

13. Get Ahead with a Visor

Keep the sun’s unwanted side effects at bay and invest in some protective head gear. Caps, visors and sunhats will ensure that you’re werkin’ it all week long.

photo: Mattias Alm

14.Haute Couthair

Did 2014 see you dabbling in the art of man-bunnery? Make 2015 the year of facial topiary. Beware; menvy may ensue.

photo: Fabian Wester

Still hovering around TYW booking page like it’s a tray full of canapés? Join us today!

152918 Volvo Ocean Race 2014 2015

Skipper Regatta in Alicante, Spain


As the summer draws closer and the memory of salt, sunscreen, sails and BBQ’s come back into the fore of our daydreams we decide to look back on a regatta that celebrated the skill and hard work of the people that are the beating heart of The Yacht Week – Skippers. After a long season on the water across Croatia, Greece and Italy the The Yacht Week in conjunction with Skipper Academy decided to assemble the best in the business for a long weekend in Alicante, Spain.

With skippers from over twelve different countries flying in to the home of the Volvo Ocean Race, the second annual Skipper Regatta was set to be as fun as it was competitive. Seven teams entered into the regatta with Team Management considered the hot favorites and plans already under way by the other international teams to undermine them.

yacht week skippers gathering

Regatta day was perfect for racing with blue skies, warm water and 10-15 knots of wind. The hour long bus ride to the race area saw last minute team tactics being vigorously debated as teams tried to get the slightest advantages consolidated.

yacht week skippers on coach

With the 35 skippers keen to show off their skills and claim dominance, the race start was delayed as teams kept clear and tried to get in last minute practice. Five, four, three, two, one… and all six teams where across the line perfectly. With the upwind leg first, teams pulled, hiked, trimmed, screamed and pushed these TOM 28 Max boats to their limits. It was all about making the first marker in the lead.

yacht week skippers sailing

With each race consisting of two laps of the course and taking roughly 25 minutes overall, consistency and fitness were going to be the deciding factors. It soon became clear who was in the running to take out the overall line honors with team Sweden working like a well oiled inlagd sill, team Spain using their local knowledge to their advantage and team Nordic (with a Slovenian import for a skipper) also proving they belonged at the front of the fleet.

5 yacht week skippers sailing

yachts under sail

It was a grueling six races but in the end there could only be one winner, team Sweden. It was an experienced outfit with skipper Leo Alsved, winner of the first Skipper Regatta a year prior, that got the job done. A disappointing result from team GB with a first time helmsman hindering their chances and Team Management as there was high expectations leading into the event.

2 yachts racing

yacht week skippers putting up sail

The post regatta celebration was ended with the traditional medal and regatta cup presentation followed by a champagne shower for first place. The podium finishers were presented with special edition Sperry Top-Sider shoes that will be a constant reminder to others until next year about who was the best on the day.

skippers with sperrys

yacht week skipper champagne

As the sun set, bow ties and crisp white shirts were donned in true skipper tradition for the evening gala dinner. Our Spanish hosts had the whole team dining in one of Alicante’s oldest and most elegant establishments overlooking the harbour and the Volvo Ocean Race village. After a full five-course meal we again congratulated the winners and looked back at what had been a fantastic day racing.

volvo ocean race yachts

As the team descended on the race village for a night out many of the Volvo teams were seen walking around making their final adjustments before the first in port race the following day. They had an aura about them that is hard to explain but instilled instant excitement and respect about what these sailors where about to embark on.

yacht week skipper dinner

Many of the skippers had the opportunity to meet some of their hero’s within the sport. Nicolai from team Vestas Wind had heard about The Yacht Week and said that once he finished this years Volvo Race he would love to come and join us for a summer (the offer still stands Nicolai, just remember to check the charts). He liked the comradery of the The Yacht Week outfit and compared it to his team on the Volvo.

As we look towards the 2015 summer season in the Mediterranean it is great to see the level of professionalism, excitement, competitiveness and friendship displayed during this regatta that will ensure another successful season on the water.

Skipper Academy and The Yacht Week are always looking to bring on more like minded, hard working and driven skippers to work with us all over the world and also help beat Team Sweden at next year’s regatta. If your interested check it out the trailer and visit the website at

Final results

1. Team Sweden
2. Team Nordic
3. Team Spain
4. Team GB
5. Team Mac
6. Team Pink
7. Team Management

yacht week skippers with cup

how to make a painkiller

King of Cocktails: the Painkiller


Our resident Mixologist, Camila Massu, introduces the best hair of the dog of the Caribbean adapted for yacht life (unless you packed your NutriBullet or Vitamix of course). This recipe is simple: chuck it all in a big jug and shake it with the ebb and flow of the waves as you sail into the next port of call in the BVI’s. And if your feeling sprightly, climb a local palm tree and pluck a fresh coconut straight from nature’s larder!

painkiller title photo

how to make a painkiller

History has it that the original Painkiller was created in the 1970′s at the Soggy Dollar Bar of Jost Van Dyke, so naturally, they are best experienced in situ, so treat yourself and join our next event in the British Virgin Islands.

Bvi Virgin Gorda

BVI Life: The Elixir you Need



If sun-kissed skin is but a hazy memory and your shades are rapidly gathering dust then it’s time to stop bemoaning your winter worn condition and escape to a tropical nirvana this March.

Allow the sea to gently rock you into a state of seafarer’s bliss and relax as the sun skillfully contours your glistening limbs. The volcanic islands, lovingly created by earth’s core are packed with swashbuckling drinking dens, ample stretches of glimmering white sands and mysterious magical phenomenons such as bubbling jacuzzis that appear and disappear in line with the island’s tidal rhythms.


Snack sized route info

The route’s first calling point is Norman Island, the tropical hunk of land that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to pen Treasure Island. The coastline of the island is embellished with caves tucked behind rocky outcrops once used as stop-over points for pirate ships looking to keep a low profile in between quests.

Today the cavernous pools retain their restorative qualities, unwind as your ‘to do’ list is quickly dissolved into: Relax, kick back and enjoy the tide.

For evening time tomfoolery, head to the island’s infamous Willy T’s, the floating bar and restaurant which cultivates unforgettable memories day in, day out.

Hawaii BVI

Jost Van Dyke

JVD is petite Eden-esque island, so small that it once disappeared from the map owing to Captain John Walton’s 17th century questionable map drawing skills. Today the BVI’s very own bonsai island makes up in personality for what it lacks in size.

Foxy, an island legend, opened his bar of the same name on JVD in the 1960s. Now his bar is of equally mythical status. Foxy know’s a thing or two about hospitality; his bar never runs dry (the extended tikki shack has it’s very own micro-brewery) he always keeps guests entertained by bursting into calypso songs, telling jokes and expounding island tales.

bvi blog post nye

Kaleidoscopic Reefs and Wreck Diving

Take full advantage of the BVI’s snorkelling and diving spots throughout the week. Our New Year guests reported organised diving excursions and sub aqua explorations of a shipwreck. Those more suited to snorkeling will find Virgin Gorda’s unusual geolgical rock formation ‘The Baths,’ to be the perfect aquatic playground: vast granite boulders lie in piles on the beach, the perfect habitat for reef fish and turtles.

Feeling Inspired?

The next opportunity for a BVI adventure is just around the corner and yachts are selling out fast. There will be 3 opportunities to join us in March with weeks beginning on the 7th, 14th and 21st of March. So, what are you waiting for…

Join the endless summer now!


Images: Andrew Goble
Text: Laura Goodson
Contributors: Oggi Fitz & Jamie Hunt


Press Coverage – iate Magazine Brazil


Thank you to the iate Magazine Brazil for the article on their recent trip with The Yacht Week.




iate Magazine


Party People: Are you ready for 2015?


It’s that time of year again, if Christmas has lured you into a semi permanent residence by the fireside then New Year’s Eve is calling for you to get suited and booted for one last ‘hoorah’ before the Great January Detox.

Keep the dreaded NYE anti-climax at bay and treat yourself to the experience of a lifetime. If you haven’t any plans yet, here’s a late Christmas present: a mini guide of where to head and what to do.

1.For Romantic Foodies

Saint Sylvestre in Paris. If you’re planning an exclusive New Year’s Eve treat with a special someone, then head to the original capital of romance: Paris. To go all-out, look no further than the charming La Tour D’Argent nestled in the Quai de Tourneille. Sample the restaurant’s infamous duck, (reared on their own farms) whilst gazing out at the spectacular view of the Notre Dame and the River Seine. A little before midnight, stroll towards the Eiffel Tower to catch the light show or head to the Champs Elysees for the fireworks.


2. For Fresh Pow enthusiasts

For those who can’t get enough of the white stuff here’s a powder fresh experience of a lifetime. Head to Japan’s Niseko; the resort enjoys 15m of snow a year and is a firm favourite among off-piste fanatics and Asian celebrities alike. New Year’s Eve here is serious business. The lifts are open until 11:30pm allowing for celebratory night skiing followed by a captivating torchlight descent. Scour the mountains carefully and you’ll see the resort’s frozen monsters; a ghostly, natural phenomenon caused by snow-encased trees. This wintry spectacle becomes particularly hypnotic at night when the resort illuminates them with kaleidoscopic lights. When morning arrives, take to the resort’s hot springs.


3. For Full Time Party Hounds

Rio di Janiero, the Empress of the Carnival, the Capital of Exuberance and the perfect location for a really good time. Take to Rio’s Copacabana Beach. It is tradition to be clad in white as it is thought to bring you luck. Take a bottle of champagne with you, but be mindful that it’s real function is to douse fellow party goers with bubbly goodness. After the fireworks have finished it’s a mad dash to the seashore; the perfect opportunity to refresh, reset and restore. Stagger home to the Copacabana Palace.


4. For the Ultimate Escapists

If ringing in the New Year surrounded by fellow humans fills you with horror, then the perfect solution could be a trip to the Scottish Highlands. For a restorative escape, gather the few beings that you can bear and rent out your own little slice of Scotland (renting a castle needn’t be extortionate if you share the cost). Most villages hold their own ceilidh parties: an authentic Scottish Hogmanay experience, you may even be treated to a display of the Northern Lights as you amble home.

Brush away the cobwebs the next day with a hike into hills, pack your binoculars and you could lay eyes on the handsome stags that reside there.

northern lights scotland

5. For Committed Yacht Weekers

It would be blasphemy not to mention the route curated by TYW itself. For a perfect piece of tropical paradise, look no further than our own offering; a blissful opportunity to kick back in the British Virgin Islands. Adjust to the laid back Caribbean lifestyle, letting the easy-going chimes of reggae music set the pace. By day, scour the seabed armed with a snorkel. By night, dance till you drop! Old Year’s Night itself will take place on Jost Van Dyk at the island’s party bar, Foxy’s. Fill your party engine with Painkiller cocktails and freshly caught lobster for an unforgettable night.

bvi new year


What Do TYW Skippers Do When They’re Not Skippering?


unnamedWhat do Yacht Week skippers do when they are not skippering in the Med? In James Kell’s case he is a photographer. James and a few others will be combining their sailing and photography by setting sail from Southampton in December to Sydney, crossing the Atlantic then Pacific oceans. On the way they will be rolling out a new social enterprise called Tribe Photo that aims to bring photography equipment and skills to villagers in remote communities, and a platform for them to sell their best photos to the world for $1 each. They gain photography skills and money, the world gains unique images.

On Thursday night at The Yacht Week headquarters Tribe Photo will be putting on a party to launch both Tribe Photo and its Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. There will be a DJ, a bar, art installations and all past and present Yachtweekers are welcome to attend. Entry is free so bring a friend!

  • When: Thursday 6th November at 7pm
  • Where: European Travel Ventures, c/o Theatre Delicatessen, 119 Farringdon Road, London, EC1R 3BX (nearest tube is Farringdon)
  • Who: Tribe Photo
  • Dress: Smart casual
  • Cost: Free
  • RSVP here


Second Payment

Event – The Yacht Week Bookings Launch Party, Hong Kong


When? Saturday, November 8th 8pm – ? UTC+08
Where? Boujis Hong Kong, 37 Pottinger Street, Central District, Hong Kong
What? The Yacht Week Bookings Launch Party


**Drinks Special**
HKD$250 open bar from 9 pm -11 pm, including spirits, beer and wine

To celebrate the launch of bookings for The Yacht Week Summer 2015, and to wave goodbye to the summer in HK, The Yacht Week is partnering with Boujis for a night of fun!

***For questions and RSVPs, please email

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