Caperes Salad with figs, tomatoes and Mozarella

Fig Heirloom Buffalo Caprese Salad – From Fork & Flower


Caperes Salad with figs, tomatoes and Mozarella

What better and refreshing way to celebrate a summer vacation than whipping up a crisp salad while sailing from port to port… black figs, heirloom tomato halves and buffalo mozzarella Caprese balls with a thyme-honey dressing and fresh oregano. Cheers to summer from Scarlett over at Fork and Flower!

2 black figs, in eighth
1 cup heirloom cherry tomatoes, halved
1 pack buffalo mozzarella globes
handful oregano leaves
1 tsp. maldon sea salt
1 pinch freshly ground black pepper
1 tsp. thyme-honey
1 tbsp. fig balsamic vinegar
1 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil

Assemble the figs, heirloom tomatoes halves and mozzarella on a plate, adorn with the oregano. sprinkle with salt and pepper. make a quick dressing with the honey, olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and drizzle on top.

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Lunch on Deck


There’s nothing like the fresh sea air and deep, open waters to spark up the appetite. Being amongst all that salt seems to work up a craving for the edible kind, but the heat of the sun and the diminutive size of a galley kitchen means simple is best – fresh, juicy tomatoes, finely sliced salty prosciutto, big bowls of spaghetti glistening with good quality oil, garlic and chilli. When you and your crew have been partying hard and are feeling fragile, you’ll become everyone’s favourite Yacht Weeker if you fix everyone up with a delicious late lunch inspired by all the flavours of Italy.

One of our favourite bloggers, Elle Graham-Dixon of Flo and Elle has some wonderful recipe ideas and we’ve selected one of our faves from her Tuscan series: Crostini. Its’ quick and delicious and can be whipped up in a yacht galley in easily multiplied volumes that’ll feed whoevers’ still kicking around from the night before….

Crostini Misti

This has become something of a lunchtime staple while on holiday in Tuscany with a selection of beautifully simple salads. They also work wonderfully as a starter or as part of a selection of canapés. They key is to assemble just before serving so the bread doesn’t go soggy. I have written down the recipes, if you can even call them recipes, for 3 of my favourite combinations – beautifully ripe tomato and basil, deliciously earthy mushroom and thyme, and the unusual fennel salami, finocchiona with rocket and parmesan.

As I understand it, the difference between bruschetta and crostini is that crostini tend to be made with finer textured bread, like a baguette, and to be smaller in portion size. I only had a white loaf to use so perhaps what I made would technically be called bruschetta but there doesn’t seem to be such

For the bread

24 small pieces of good quality bread – around the size of a slice of a small baguette and around 7.5mm thick (just under a centimetre)
4 cloves of garlic, sliced into thin pieces
Extra virgin olive oil

Cover a baking dish with a thin layer of oil and rub the garlic around in it. Rub each side of the bread pieces around so they get a nice golden covering.

Heat up a griddle pan if you have one and toast the bread on each side so you get those attractive, and delicious, dark brown griddle lines across them

Otherwise grill each side in the oven, watching carefully so that they don’t burn

Put aside until needed

Tomato Crostini, 8 pieces

4 large plum tomatoes
½ clove of garlic, crushed
20 leaves of basil, torn up or sliced roughly
1 dessertspoon extra virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon lemon juice

With such a simple dish it is important to get delicious, ripe tomatoes of any variety. You can use my quantities as a guideline and apply them to different tomato sizes

Slice your tomatoes lengthways and scoop the seeds out using your fingers. Discard the seeds.

Dice your tomatoes into small pieces around 7.5mm by 7.5mm

Squeeze out any remaining liquid and place in a bowl with the crushed garlic, basil, salt, pepper, oil and lemon

Leave until ready to assemble

Mushroom Crostini, 8 pieces

1 pack of mushrooms, 300g
1 clove of garlic
8 sprigs of thyme, leaves picked (otherwise sage is delicious, or parsley)
Olive oil
A small teacup full of wine (no need to be very precise)

Choose a mushroom variety you like, or a mix. Even those basic white mushrooms are delicious in this (also, remember that they shrink a lot when cooked)

Clean your mushrooms but try not to get them wet since this can wash away flavour

Dice them into small pieces of around 1cm by 1cm

Dice your garlic into small pieces

Heat up oil in a pan and add the garlic for a minute but don’t let it colour – take it off the heat for a bit if need be.

Add the mushrooms and thyme and stir around for a couple of minutes

Add the seasoning and wine and stir until all the liquid has evaporated

Taste to see if they are the right texture for you and if not, cook for a little longer

When ready, take off the heat and put aside until needed

Finocchiona, Pecorino and Rocket Crostini, 8 pieces

8 pieces of very finely sliced finocchiona
16 large pecorino shavings, shaved of a piece of mature, dry parmesan with a knife
A couple of handfuls of rocket
Extra virgin olive oil for drizzling
Black Pepper

All you do is neatly arrange the finochiona on the bread, with rocket and a parmesan shaving on top and a final light drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of pepper. Simple!


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Sailing For Dummies Pic

Sailing for Dummies


Sailing For Dummies pic

You don’t have to know how to sail a yacht to join us on The Yacht Week – each yacht comes complete with her own skipper who will manage your boat and navigate the waters for you. But to avoid looking like a clueless Clara – swot up on the basics with our basic how-to guide below.

Bowline Knot

An ancient and simple knot that results in a stable loop at the end of a piece of rope. Easy to tie and untie – it can be subjected to heavy loads without becoming too tight and impossible to untie. Known to some as the “white T-Shirt” or “Little Black Dress” of the sailing world – a bowline is an essential knot, which you’ll find yourself using time and time again.

To tie a Bowline Knot – a common mnemonic is used featuring a rabbit.

You start by making a rabbit hole with the end of your rope

Thread the other end of rope through the loop – representing the rabbit popping out of its “hole”

Wind this piece round the first rope-end as though the rabbit is “running around the tree”

And finally, the rabbit ducks back into his hole, or the rope is threaded back down onto itself to secure your knot.

Square Knot


A Square or Reef knot uses two ropes to create a central circle which can be slipped over objects that you want to secure in place or anchor yourself to, for example a dock post on shore or a champagne bucket. The knot is fashioned by tying a simple overhand knot between two ropes, then crossing them over and tying the ends again.

Figure 8

Commonly used in sailing and rock-climbing, the Figure 8 knot will provide a quick and convenient “stopper” to prevent a line running out of sight. Even when it has been pulled very tightly it retains the virtue of being easy to untie quickly if necessary.

Start by creating a Figure of 8 shape in your line. See what they did there?



Then keep on wrapping your rope around again and thread it through the upper circle of the “8” shape.




Half Hitch
The whimsical college student of the knotting world, the half-hitch is insecure but quick and easy… a mediator that’ll go on to create greater things. To tie it, the working end of a line is brought over and under the standing part. It’s multiple, more complicated variations, the Clove Hitch, or even the Icicle Hitch are relied upon more readily, but they all begin with one or two half hitches at their foundations. Meaning this underdog of the knot world is pretty indispensible really.


Drop these knot names into casual conversation here and there, and you’ll have everyone thinking your savvy and in-the-know. Just don’t ever let them leave you to commandeer the yacht by yourself!


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Press Coverage – BOE MAGAZINE – “Book The Ultimate Summer Holiday”


Thanks to BOE Magazine for their article on The Yacht Week.

To read the full article, click here

BOE Magazine is featuring The Yacht Week

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10 Reasons why the BVIs are best explored with The Yacht Week


It would be criminal to stay on dry land in the BVI’s. Made up of over 50 separate islands each surrounded by soft sands and 50 shades of clear turquoise waters, there is much to explore and discover.

1.  TYW is for everyone. If you’re seeking a fun, social, tropical and enriching experience with guaranteed access to the best and most exclusive spots around – TYW is for you.


2. Accomplished sailor or keen newbie – TYW caters for all. Hire a professional skipper who will stay with you onboard throughout and give you some good tips to get you started, or stretch your sea legs and go bareboat (without a skipper). The choice is yours.


3. You can choose to hire your very own hostess who will whip up a culinary feast for both breakfast and lunch. What’s more, your hostess will even take care of the dishes too.

4. Breakfast and lunch are served onboard and what you eat is entirely up to you. Take your pick of the finest and freshest food at the supermarkets.  Local specialties include Anegada lobster – reputedly the best in the Caribbean – Roti (flavorful East Indian flatbread, filled with meat or vegetables) fungi (funnily enough, it’s not related to mushroom but a delicious mixture of cornmeal and okra, usually served with seafood), and perfectly ripe local fruits such as soursop, papaya, mango, guava, passion fruit and much much more! If you do happen get peckish in-between meals, you’re free to raid the galley (that’s the kitchen in yacht-speak) anytime you like.


5. Not a minute is wasted organizing itineraries or disputing what’s next on the agenda. TYW’s team of experts arrange every minute detail to make your time magical and get you access to all the hottest hangouts and secret party locations. All you have to do is lap up the luxury life without any of the admin hassle.

6. There’s no fighting for deck chairs on the beach where TYW is concerned. Instead, you can name your very own sunbathing spot onboard and visit exclusive beaches, far from the madding crowd.


7. You can be as active or as sedentary as you like and you’ll still be on the move at sea! In the daytime, swim off the boat and explore different islands or simply snooze in the sun, sip Piña Colada’s and listen to the rhythmic beats of TYW’s carefully selected playlists. Keep checking the blog for all the latest compilations.

8. You can enjoy the company of your nearest and dearest during the day and have the opportunity to make new friends in the evenings when special events, dinners and parties commence.


9. There’s nothing like a quick dip in the ocean to cure a hangover and the great news is that you are always just a happy hop, skip and a jump from the water.

10. The best place to pick up a tan is at sea. You’ll look brown as a nut in no time. Just don’t forget the SPF.



Get up get up, get down


Here at The Yacht Week, we’d like to think we’ve perfected the art of a great party… we’ve thrown a fair few in our time, and we haven’t received any complaints so far. The mix of guests, spectacular locations and a well-judged playlist is essential, and we’ve searched the world’s coolest nightclubs, radio stations and underground parties for the very best DJs in whose taste and talent we trust.

Sunset cocktails and lazy afternoons on deck call for chilled-out, laid back Café Del Mar style ambiance. Soaring sunshine suits feel-good pop classics, well-loved golden oldies and reggae (in fact, reggae works at any time of day or night). Night-time parties need sustenance with cool house vibes and euphoric beats with a twist of 90’s hip hop. Popular hits from the time of your Yacht Week experience will always remind you of the epic time you had – but this cannot always be planned or predicted. Don’t try too hard to make a “Song of the Holiday”. These things happen naturally.

We’ve asked some of our resident DJs and musical virtuosos for their favourite dance floor fillers to help get you pumped up for your upcoming tour – or to play once you’ve returned to real life to help the holiday live on.

Anna Cross

Anna Cross has been a resident Yacht Week DJ since 2011, joining us on several tours of the British Virgin Islands, Croatia and Greece. An international DJ, she has played in Miami, NYC, Basel and Barcelona with the likes of Sebastian Ingrosso, Skrillex and Knife Party. Growing tired of the hard, progressive sounds of late – Anna likes to mix up her sets with a little old school 90s house and disco groove.

1. Watch The Sunrise feat. Steve Edwards (Vocal Dub Mix) – Axwell (ultimate summer tune)

2. House Of Love (More / Phearce Mix) – Smooth Touch (absolutely love this old banger)

3. Raining Again (Steve Angello’s Vocal Mix) – Moby

4. Alright (Original Club Mix) – Mark Knight

5. Shake That (Original Mix) – Marlon Hoffstadt, Dansson (SO darn funky!)


Mathias Sourbroun, or Solco as he is known in the industry, is a musical mood magician – who channels his passion for music, from Jazz to Funk to Electronic to make people feel happy. He has played at festivals and superclubs all over the world, and his signature house-sound with deep basslines and soulful, RnB-orientated vocals has achieved recognition from some of the most respected artists and DJ labels in the industry.

1. Unknown – Gipsy Kinks remix)

2. Paul Woolford – Untitled

3. Kink – Existence

4. Mk – Love Changes

5. Julio Bashmore – Battle for Middle You

Rony Rex

Finland voted native Rony Rex as their Upcoming DJ of 2013, and we are inclined to agree. Known for his inventive mixing style and energetic and captivating stage presence, Rony Rex has been a familiar face at the nightclubs and festivals of Helsinki and Finland for years – before finally making his international debut with The Yacht Week in 2013. A youthfully adventurous night owl – Rony is most enthused by House, Bass and Techno music right now, with Electro tech influences.

1. Friend Within – The Renegade (Special Request Murder Mix Extended)

2. Oliver – MYB (Tchami Remix)

3. The M Machine – Superflat (Original Mix)

4. Dog Blood – Chella Ride (Original Mix)

5. DJ Snake & Mercer – Lunatic (Original Mix)

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What to pack: Boys


Guys, as our mothers told us, accept good advice when it’s offered and listen to what resident blogger, Sara, has to say regarding fashion on the dockside.

What to pack…


It’s a no-brainer. Nobody suits a lobster face.


Come on boys, swimwear doesn’t have to be a trial – there are plenty of great European brands doing tasteful swimmers for men these days. Take the ultra baggy Billabong boardies and lycra to the charity shop and check out Vilebrequin, Orlebar Brown and Paul Smith for a selection of cotton swim-shorts in various tan-enhancing pastel hues and stripes.


Linen shirts and deck shoes. Sperry Top-Siders worn with good quality cream, navy or black linen shirts and pastel chino’s or shorts make summer dressing a breeze.

Beach Toys

Break the ice with an inflatable beach ball, frisbee or a pair of bats and a ball. Just save them for on-shore games or you’ll be returning home without them!

What not to pack…

Approach the following articles with EXTREME CAUTION:

  • Jesus sandals
  • Wife-beaters
  • Deep V-necks
  • Slogan T-shirts
  • Excessively thick/dark bodily hair
  • Reflective sunglasses

NB: Any/all of the above can work on the right person. If in doubt, just avoid.


You might love your latest iGizmo or souped-up techno camera like a newborn baby, but King Tritans’ great underworld kingdom doesn’t have a lost property office. If it’s worth more than you’d be willing to give away, don’t bring it.


Nobody cares how much you spent on that super shiny pair of shades, leather monogrammed carry-case or velvet brogues. Leave your ego behind and your judgement at the shore – TYW is a place to relax and escape from the pressures at home.

Sperry Pop Up

The Yacht Week Partners with SPERRY TOP-SIDER for a guest-list only pop-up


Thursday 13th of March, The Yacht Week is partnering up with SPERRY TOP-SIDER for a exclusive pop-up event in Covent Garden.

News to follow after the event…

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