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Win a Christmas Cabin in Thailand!



We’re offering 4 lucky pairs of friends the chance to join The Yacht Week in Thailand on our first ever Christmas Week (19th-26th December, 2015). Each pair will win a cabin on a yacht for the most sun-filled festive frolics.

Simply add a comment to our Facebook or Winstagram post telling us who you’d go here with…

win a thai cabin


- One cabin for 2 people for 7 days in Thailand 19th-26th December, 2015
- Professional skipper and hostess
- Breakfast, lunch & 2 dinners
- TYW Wristbands
- Dinghy, outboard engine, fuel
- Yacht equipment
- GPS & nautical charts
- Stereo & cockpit speakers
- Final cleaning of yacht
- Sheets, blankets, towels
- Tourist taxes
- Drinking water
- Port fees
- Yacht fuel, water, shore power


- Flights
- Transfers to and from the airport
- Hostess and Skipper tips at your discretion
- Alcohol
- Eating out
- Extra activities
- Yacht deposit of €400pp in Thailand to cover any personal damages


We will place you on the perfect yacht along 3 other pairs who have won a cabin. We will send you the details of your yacht, the Arrival Document and invite you to a Facebook group to meet the rest of your crew at least 2 weeks prior to departure.


For more details email

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Hats Off To This Guy



We finally know what Rob Siltanen and Apple were talking about when they referred to “The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently”, are the ones who will change the world.

Nothing quite restored our faith in humanity like receiving this job application of such high skill and calibre.

The Cover Letter:

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 14.17.56

Here he is jumping a jet ski out of a swimming pool. Literally.

Ballsy enough to top this application? If you answered: “MOTHER FLIPPING CHECK ALL OVER THAT.” Well then, what are you waiting for?

Apply for the European Sales Manager here!

12091432 10153711775344516 3842931523916678630 O

Early Christmas Present in Stockholm



The festive spirit has caught on a little early at The Yacht Week and we are throwing in a free Weekend Package for 2 at our 10th Anniversary celebrations in Stockholm on 27-29th November for anyone that takes one of the remaining yachts in Thailand or the British Virgin Islands this Christmas or New Year!

The Weekend Package

- Two nights accommodation on Af Chapman, a tall ship in the middle of Stockholm, for 2 people in a shared cabin.
- Friday Night – Entry to our exclusive party at the creative house of Absolut, Atelier (6-9pm).
- Saturday Night – Welcome drink, dinner with wine and entrance to the 10th Anniversary party, both taking place at Magasinet (7pm-3am). Live performances throughout the evening followed by sets from the legendary TYW DJs, Milo S & Bladtkramer, taking you late into the night. Dress code: Black tie.

Any questions?

Check out the Facebook event for more details or email



Tyw 10 Year 59059

10th Anniversary Party, London


We told you we had been scheming something extra special for our 10th anniversary year… Well guess what? London was just the beginning.

Waltzing through the dignified doors of The In & Out Naval and Military Club in St James’ Square was debatably more awe-inspiring than listening to the eargasmic crescendo of Adele’s new single. A truly momentous moment! Granted, the enjoyment of walking inside may have been due to the heavens opening seconds before the event started. London’s weather stealing the spotlight once again.


But within a matter of minutes we were right as rain, so to speak, thanks to the white gloves holding out endless glasses of champagne served on silver platters. As much as the rain poured outside, so too did the Veuve Clicquot flow inside.


The foyer filled up quickly with an extended look-alike cast of the Great Gatsby; men looking ever-so-dapper in their black bow-ties and girls dressed to the nines in their neck-breakingly beautiful dresses and high-heels; neck-breaking for different reasons.

I mean who doesn’t love a fancy dress party… But the real question is: do you love a fancy dress party more than the second guy? Impossible.


Employees, family, friends, skippers, hostesses, past, present and future TYW guests all hushed to the sounds of clinking glasses as the founders took to the carpeted stairs to deliver their welcome toast. Which quickly turned into a live comedy act with a hint of an inspiring presidency speech. Something only Swedes can do. Come to think of it, I don’t know why they didn’t also break into a “Happy Birthday to TYW” ballad? Maybe next time guys.


At 7pm dinner was served… And served it was! Seared salmon for starters, filet mignon for mains and death-by-chocolate for dessert. Did I mention the wine pairing with each course? A feast fit for a king I tell you! I heard one hostesses whisper she could cook them under the table. Brave call.


Once dinner was all said and devoured, guests descended the stairs in a wave of excitement. Met by 300 more who arrived for the cocktail party, bringing the numbers up to a festive crowd of 600 people all raring to go. It was now time for The Yacht Week to do what we do best – sail? Nope – partay. Yes, the ‘a’ in partay is both intentional and for added effect.


Another reason to skip down the stairs, and then pause for Fabian to take a photo, was because 100 TYW inspired bottles of Orillo Vodka awaited us downstairs and they weren’t going to drink themselves! The vodka was great, but we think the labels were the best part. Yes, we’re a little biased.. All hail Glenn; designer of everything that is TYW and a recently accomplished vodka label illustrator. You go Glenn Coco!


With The Yacht Week veteran DJs in the mix, it was almost as if every single person had the same hypothesis to prove: ‘You can take the person out of The Yacht Week, but you sure as hell can’t take The Yacht Week out of the person.’  The night’s conclusion would be anyone’s guess…


Yes, it truly was one hell-of-a 10th birthday bash! Thank you to everyone who came, saw and conquered the dance-floor.

Re-live all the shenanigans and find your new profile pic in the Facebook album.

Are you wishing you could go back and do it all over again? Well, I must be a genie in a bottle baby because your wish is granted! We will be going back to the future in true Stockholm style for a whole weekend of celebrations. (One #BTTF joke too far, ok enough now) The best part about that event is that we will all be sleeping TYW style on a massive steel ship. I mean honestly, you would just be silly not to.

Tickets and info about Stockholm are on the Facebook event.

See you Sweden.

Turkey Videoimage4

New Turkey Trailer 2015


This year The Yacht Week had our first taste of true Turkish Delight with a pioneering voyage around the rural Turquoise Route.

Amongst the whispers in the aftermath, we’ve heard guests say: ‘50 Shades of Turquoise would have been a more fitting route name.’ Arguably the best feedback we’ve had all year.

A huge thanks to Nick and Gabs from Unit 9 Films, who vividly captured the first sparks of a Summer romance between The Yacht Week and Turkey.

It’s time to impress those pupils.

New Turkey Trailer 2015


We caught up with Nick and Gabs to get a deeper insight into their filming experience in Turkey, let’s see what this dynamic duo had to say for themselves:

As virgin Yacht Weekers what were your initial thoughts?

N&G: We had heard a lot about The Yacht Week but we didn’t really know what to expect. But I honestly think we got way more than what we had expected! It was just awesome.


What’s the story and inspiration behind the trailer?

N&G: It was more about capturing the essence of The Yacht Week and Turkey simultaneously rather than having a structured story line. We focused more on how we were going to join this collection of moments together. So, we continuously strived to find new and interesting ways to transition these snapshots of Turkey.

What was it like filming TYW in Turkey?

N&G: Everything is so beautiful and picturesque, with the small secluded bays and 35 degree weather… It made our job easy, we basically just had to switch the camera on. Turkey spoke for itself.

We had to keep reminding ourselves that it was not a holiday, we were there to work. But we got most of our chill (tanning) time whilst we were sailing because we got a lot of sailing footage from the first day. But crunch time came when we docked at each new spot, we would hop off and scout the surroundings and meet new people to see what we could work with.


What did you love most about Turkey?

Turkey is one of the least famous places to go on holiday within that part of the Mediterranean. I mean you have Greece, Italy, etc. right next door and those are the ones that everyone raves about. But that was the appeal for us, I was surprised by how beautifully remote and intimate everything was. I can only compare Turkey to what I imagine other routes to be like, but I can sense from what everyone else was saying there was a way more intimate environment, which meant the parties became really exclusive to Yacht Weekers and everyone became so close. 

Each different destination has its own quirks, Turkey has a unique way of welcoming people, the landscapes are their own – seeing minarets dotted around and the general Asian aura Turkey gave off was great. I think that was the most beautiful part about the trip.

And, of course, you have the Turkish hospitality, people are so nice and welcoming. It really is a thing: The Turkish hospitality.


What do you think makes your video unique to other TYW videos?

N&G: The Yacht Week has a good standard of videos, and because this was the inaugural event for Turkey, we were trying to capture Turkey above, I guess, everything else. Capturing all the awesome parties and people was important, but even more importantly, highlighting the rich earthy tones of Turkey and the beauty of travelling to whole new place, a culture which is probably very different from the places most guests come from.

Overall, your favourite part? 

N&G: The Turkish sunsets. We were sailing from island and island in the evening and the water was completely flat like glass. It had that mirror effect and reflected the sunset off the water.


Some exciting news: Such was the great feedback from you guys, we have decided to open Turkey to everyone for four weeks next year. Hoorah! Next year’s summer bookings open in two weeks! If you haven’t done so already, check out all the details about the Turkish event here. We think you’ll like it!

Vanity Fair Logo

Press Coverage – Vanity Fair Italia


Thanks to Vanity Fair Italia for adding us to their list of the best 8 Sailing Holidays in the Mediterranean. Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 11.03.20


Press Coverage – Refinery29


Thank you to Refinery29 for listing The Yacht Week as ’15 Trips To Take Before You Turn 30′!



Press Coverage – Thrillist


Big thanks to Thrillist for the bonus mention in their ‘25 Best Beaches in the World’ article. We definitely recommend sailing over to the Paklinski Islands if you find yourself in Hvar, Croatia. Or you could come with us.

Press Coverage - Thrillist

Baywatch Tyw

TYW Style File 2014


Fancy yourself as a bit of a style maverick?

Scroll down to view the most stylish shots of the beautiful people that graced our decks in 2014. Take note: your sartorial choices could earn you a place in our 2015 edit – so what are you waiting for? Get your yacht and we’ll see you port side.

1. Underwater Baywatch Beauties

Been sweating it out in the gym? Baywatch is always in vogue. Unleash your inner Pamela with a fiercely sexy red bathing suit.

baywatch tyw
photo: Arron Leppard

2. Stripe a Pose

Ahoy sailor! Pair mirrored shades with nautical stripes: when vanity strikes, simply whip them off, peer into the lenses and rest assured that you’re still Prince Charming.

photo: Arron Leppard

3.Get Matchy-Matchy

Love a gimmick? So do we, there’s nothing like uniting your crew with a fun accessory. Add a splash of colour to your outfit with one of these *totes* adorbs Pingu inspired phone covers.

Pingu posers
photo: Fabian Wester

4.Birds of Paradise

Blessed with golden locks? Perfectly sun kissed skin, slinky body to boot? No? Me neither. But if you are one of the privileged few, dare to bare in canary yellow. This hot hue is sure to turn heads.

black and yellow
photo: Fredrik Nystedt

5. We Like Short Shorts

Show off perfectly honed pins in a pair of denim cut-offs. Be sure to don your favourite pair whilst strutting down the promenade. Distressed? Bleached? Patterned? Embellished? Whatever floats your boat.

tyw_-6006 (1)
photo: Fabian Wester

6. Get Fruity

Leave your strict Ralph Lauren style philosophy at the dock and opt for something a little more light-hearted. Clothe your bottom half with a pineappley print and you are sure to be a talking point among the ladies.

photo: Fabian Wester

7. Make some noise with your TYW (fabric) band

Leave your expensive metals at home and wear your TYW band with pride. For extra style points follow this lady’s lead and co-ordinate your beach cover up with your TYW wrist candy to ensure you are THE belle of the beach.

purple girl
photo: Fabian Wester

8. All White on the Night

White is the perfect complement to sun glazed skin, a passport to angelic beauty and a stamp of meticulous sophistication. TYW White Parties are a firm favourite, be sure to pack this heavenly homage.

photo: Fabian Wester

9.The Power of the Flower

Don’t be beige. Throw somber shades out of the porthole and show your true colours in a fabulously floral ensemble. Accentuate the look with a garland on the wrist for some perfect tropical charm.

photo: Fabian Wester

10. Feel like you’re flagging?

If style indecision has washed over you like a tidal wave, here’s a little Yacht Week tip. Grab that flag that’s been advertising your homeland like a billboard all week and swaddle yourself in national pride. Accentuate the waist with some old rope and VOILA, you’ll be oozing Olympic medal podium chic.

photo: Arron Leppard

11. Purrfect Feline Prints

Nothing screams feisty like leopard print. Team with some cat eye sunglasses and you’ll be all set to prowl the pier with SASS.

baywatch tyw
photo: Fredrik Nystedt

12. Colourful Crochet

Channel your inner boho babe with some vibrant crochet garms. Match with your bestie for a perfect Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift BFF vibe.

baywatch tyw
photo: Arron Leppard

13. Get Ahead with a Visor

Keep the sun’s unwanted side effects at bay and invest in some protective head gear. Caps, visors and sunhats will ensure that you’re werkin’ it all week long.

photo: Mattias Alm

14.Haute Couthair

Did 2014 see you dabbling in the art of man-bunnery? Make 2015 the year of facial topiary. Beware; menvy may ensue.

photo: Fabian Wester

Still hovering around TYW booking page like it’s a tray full of canapés? Join us today!

Hostess 4

Hostesses are a Limited Edition. Secure Yours Now.


A hostess will take your trip to the next level of relaxation; doing the food shop, helping with the cleaning and whipping up some tasty treats. Guiding you and your crew safely through the bewildering array of fresh Mediterranean produce. Curating delicious marine meals for you and your mates to savour; from the tangiest tomatoes to the richest sun-kissed olives.

Don’t believe us? Scroll down for a taste of what could be coming your way.

1. Food with a view.

Taste the high life with a marine meal; parma ham, fresh mozzarella and peppery rocket come together and served above the sea bed.

photo: Fabian Wester

2.¡Hot in Herre!

Guacamole, quesadillas and roasted tomato salsa. Some spicy food to ensure your radiating contagious charisma lasts from dawn till dusk.

photo: Fabian Wester

3. Bohemian Rhapsody.

The wrap is the humble sandwich’s sassy older sister and the foodie’s version of lego. Build yours to the gentle rock of the waves.

photo: Fabian Wester

4. Eggstacy!

Supercharge your morning and start your day with some delightfully fluffy scrambled eggs, succulent tomatoes and a smattering of cracked black pepper.

photo: Fabian Wester

5. When life gives you melons, Hostesses make melonaid.

That constitutes a perfectly refreshing watermelon based cocktail; the perfect holiday nectar.

photo: Fabian Wester

6. Release the Dragon.

The dragon fuit only flowers underneath a full moon; this bewitching fruit is on par with a glossy dark red pout in the glamour stakes.

photo: Fabian Wester

7. Pas’ta banter

Food has a curious way of fueling fun. Book a hostess and watch the mercury rise on the fun-o-meter.

photo: Marcus Olsson

8. Tuna down for yacht.

This glorious pasticcio of eggs, tuna and olives will pack you with the nutrients you need for that beach babe glow you’ve been pining for.

photo: Fabian Wester

9. It’s the small things in life.

Because sometimes less is more. For a perfect little bite of paradise, try some Italian melt-in-the-mouth brushcetta.

photo: Arron Leppard

10. Keep it unreal.

Dine like Kings and Queens; the bigger your budget, the bigger the bang. Ensure yours is the alpha yacht this summer and grant your hostess the liberty to create magical dishes.

photo: Fabian Wester

11. Do knot tie up your hostess

Let’s tie up this post with how NOT to treat your Hostess. Remember, like a Skipper, the Hostess will become part of the crew and take up a space on your yacht. She will fuse together dreamy dishes, fun and friendship to ensure your holiday is nothing short of a real life fantasy from start to finish.

photo: Marcus Olsson

Email to secure your hostess now.

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