319 TYW Greece W32 Photo By Fabian Wester

Here’s to 2015


You can’t use up experience. The more you use it, the more you have. Let’s take this moment to remember and embrace the bold and the beautiful, the weird and the wonderful of all that was The Yacht Week 2015, because what’s the point of history if you can’t learn from it?

Warning! The following content may contain flashy imagery that could heighten your TYW Withdrawals.

1. Bring the Bare Necessities

Fruit, fishing rods, disposable cameras… you never know what opportunities could be thrown your way during the week. Come prepared, and even if you don’t use them, it makes for a great photo. Win win.

176 - TYW Turkey W30 - Photo by Fabian Wester

2. Been There, Done it, Got the Wristband

The only thing better than sailing, is sailing with your best friends. And what we’ve learnt over the years is that The Yacht Week experience is a boundless source of great pub stories among the mates. You’re welcome.

415 - TYW Turkey W30 - Photo by Fabian Wester

3. The Circle Of Life

No matter what you tell yourself, life is simply not complete until you have sipped an icy cocktail, splashed around in the middle of a floating day party and posted at all on Insta –otherwise it didn’t happen, obvs. If this isn’t on your 2016 bucket list, then you’ve got adulthood all wrong.

194 - TYW Turkey W30 - Photo by Fabian Wester

 4. Dance Somewhere Different

Top tip from 2015: If you get hot and sweaty on the dance floor, aka the deck of your yacht, take a quick dip in the ocean, whip yo’ hair back and forth and dance through sunset to the sounds of a DJ dressed in a bikini.


5. Carb the Diem

Being in close proximity with your crew, you may find yourself getting hangrier as the day goes on. A TYW hostess will eliminate that risk, all you need to do is sit back, relax and feast your heart out, unashamedly.


6. Volcanoes are so Hot Right Now

Once all is said and munched, the best way to nip those extra calories in the bud is a leisurely stroll up an active volcano in Italy. We’re all about getting fit the right way.


7. Siesta in the Sea

Floating your worries away is definitely one way to clock in some quality ME time during the week.

350 - TYW Greece W32 - Photo by Fabian Wester

8. Outdoor Shower Hour

Rinse the last reminisces of your hangover off so that you’re ready and amped for the evening ahead. And do a little dance whilst you’re at it, ’cause why not?

343 - TYW Turkey W30 - Photo by Fabian Wester

 9. I Can’t Feel My Face… But I Love It

A flyboard backflip is one way to zhoosh up another generic sunset photo. Turn your whole world upside down and see Greece from a new perspective.

319 - TYW Greece W32 - Photo by Fabian Wester

 10. Arrive in Style

The best looking people at the Caribbean beach party were always the ones smiling. So round up your troops and run onto the dance floor, laughing.


11. Turn Down For Yacht?!

If there’s one thing Yacht Weekers know how to do, it’s start a party. Tree lights, DJ , and a garden full of Yacht Weekers is one way to do it.

053-_MG_6660-Redigera-Foto-Marcus Olsson

Thanks to everyone who joined us in 2015, you guys were absolute champions, all of you! If this has warmed the cockles of your heart so much that your own summer plans seem tepid in comparison, clearly the universe is telling you to get involved.

Glamour Magazine Logo

Press Coverage: Glamour Magazine


Thanks to Glamour Magazine for the shout out!
Getting married? Bring your girlfriends and celebrate your bachelorette on one of our summer events.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.48.58

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 11.59.49

Read the full article here.

The Week of Your Life


It’s no secret that life is meant for great moments and even better friendships. In 2015 we invited our award-winning friends from Another Brother productions to capture us having a damn good time in the sun and snow. These guys have filmed a few of our best trailers as well as videos for Google, Red Bull, Absolut Vodka and many more.. Thanks to our Swedish brothers from another mother, adventure travel has never looked so good.



We were lucky enough to catch up with the guys to chat a bit about their awesome selves and the shiz that went down whilst filming:

At first glance TSW and TYW are polar opposite events; one is all about summer sailing and the other happens thousands of feet above sea level. Yet something brings them together, what would you say these common ingredients are that make it ‘The Week of Your Life’?

AB: We believe that TYW and TSW both build on the same emotion. It’s not really about the event itself but rather the mix of new friendships, epic experiences and the break from reality and normal life. The feeling and experience you get with TYW and TSW is so far from the everyday grind that you can’t really compare it to anything else.


We were really struck by the stunning shots and editing techniques in the trailer. What inspired your filming style?

AB: At Another Brother, we believe that if you don’t get goosebumps, it’s not good enough. So with the new tools you get nowadays we always try to push the limits of “normal” filmmaking and create that extra bit of emotion.

How would you describe the filming conditions on TYW & TSW? Did you find it easy to balance work and play?

AB: The hospitality of TYW and TSW can’t be matched with anything else, from the moment you arrive you’re a part of the family. This makes the working conditions, at least in our field of work, extremely easy. To be honest, we don’t really think that there’s a dramatic difference between work and play with you guys ;)


Where do you think TSW and TYW are going to next? 

AB: For TSW, we think that Whistler would be an epic destination because of its mountains and nightlife. For TYW, the Maldives would be a perfect destination for both sailing and surfing.

Now that we’ve dappled in skiing and sailing. What do you think the next ‘Week’ concept could be?

AB: We think The Surf Week would be an awesome compliment to the sea and snow. We all need some sand between our toes in the morning and a couple of sunset drinks in the evening.


Thanks Another Brother! You guys are the heat.

Suffering TYWW (The Yacht Week Withdrawals)? We’re going to the British Virgin Islands this spring. Or join us this summer in Croatia, Greece, Italy, or Turkey.

Cleaning The Adriatic


 Leave nothing but footprints. Capture nothing but memories. Waste nothing but time.

To help dolphins stop drinking beer and turtles dressing up in plastic, our Croatian office, a 12-man team of professional divers and the local authorities, took a few hours out of their Saturday to clean up the seabed in our favourite bay on Vis Island, Croatia.

After being in the water for only 6 hours the team plucked out a whopping 1 tonne of waste from the ocean!




We are very aware of the impact of our activity on the environment, specifically the oceans and recognise the responsibility we have towards those in the local communities we engage with. We are lucky enough to offer experiences in some of the world’s most beautiful locations and we aim to keep them that way.

Help by doing your bit on TYW:

  • Don’t throw anything overboard
  • Put your rubbish straight into the bin to avoid it blowing away
  • Keep an eye on your floaties, they tend to drift off when no one’s watching.
  • Embrace the silence of sailing. No need to motor around everywhere you go. 

We will be doing regular ocean clean-ups to help the fight against ocean pollution, but we need your help too! A little goes a long way.

Cover Jan Feb 2016

Press Coverage – World Travel Magazine


Big thanks to World Travel Magazine Singapore for featuring The Yacht Week on the cover of their Jan/Feb 2016 issue!

Cover Jan_Feb 2016



Tatler Bystander Logo

Press Coverage – Tatler Bystander


Thanks to Tatler Bystander for capturing us throwing our Dry January out the boat at The Yacht Week Nautical Nights Party at Beaufort House in Chelsea. See the full article here.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 12.12.08



Tyw 10 Stock 172172

10th Anniversary Party, Stockholm


Upon touchdown back in the land where The Yacht Week all began, we knew this weekend was going to be one we would never forget… excluding those who glugged too much glögg of course. We dropped our bags at our humble abode – a 290ft steel schooner moored along the Skeppsholmen. All our favourite Yacht Weekers in one vessel for the entire weekend: a true recipe for revelry.


We began the big weekend with drinks in the dream house of Absolut Vodka. We met, mingled and sipped vibrant vodka cocktails with our fellow Yacht Weekers in the very creative space of Atelier. 



With the highlight of the weekend only hours away, bevvies of beautiful babes slipped into little black numbers and posed with puckered lips. Just when you thought things couldn’t be spiced up anymore… we started the party with mulled wine along the deck of our much beloved Af Chapman.



After warming the cockles of our heart with one too many glasses of glögg… our Ubers had arrived. We hoisted up our frocks, fixed our bow ties and walked the plank. We hopped into our cabs and began the journey to a night of devouring, discussing and breaking it down on the dancefloor in the magnificent Magasinet.



Once the smorgasbord of Swedish treats were all said and scoffed, it was time to slide up the blazer sleeves, remove the heels and dance that delicious chocolate dessert away.



DJ Milo S & Bladtkramer were so damn good they had us dancing till only death could do us part. The dynamic Danish duo started the party and we didn’t want them to stop it. They had us dropping it like it was hot and to be honest we weren’t SORRY.



The hangover and brunch went together like meatballs and mash potatoes: it’s not always a pretty site, but one wouldn’t be the same without the other. This brunch separated the men from the boys and the Yacht Weekers from the yacht weakers. We feasted first and then bid our farewells.

Despite the sideways rain and exorbitant booze prices, to say Stockholm was a mere success would be an understatement. It was the party of the century… slight overstatement? Honestly speaking, it truly was a weekend we will never forget. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated our 10th birthday in big way.

Thanks to the fabulous Fabian Wester for capturing these awesome Stockholm snaps.

See you for round 3 in NYC!

Tyw Ads Winacabin

Win a Christmas Cabin in Thailand!



We’re offering 4 lucky pairs of friends the chance to join The Yacht Week in Thailand on our first ever Christmas Week (19th-26th December, 2015). Each pair will win a cabin on a yacht for the most sun-filled festive frolics.

Simply add a comment to our Facebook or Winstagram post telling us who you’d go here with…

win a thai cabin


- One cabin for 2 people for 7 days in Thailand 19th-26th December, 2015
- Professional skipper and hostess
- Breakfast, lunch & 2 dinners
- TYW Wristbands
- Dinghy, outboard engine, fuel
- Yacht equipment
- GPS & nautical charts
- Stereo & cockpit speakers
- Final cleaning of yacht
- Sheets, blankets, towels
- Tourist taxes
- Drinking water
- Port fees
- Yacht fuel, water, shore power


- Flights
- Transfers to and from the airport
- Hostess and Skipper tips at your discretion
- Alcohol
- Eating out
- Extra activities
- Yacht deposit of €400pp in Thailand to cover any personal damages


We will place you on the perfect yacht along 3 other pairs who have won a cabin. We will send you the details of your yacht, the Arrival Document and invite you to a Facebook group to meet the rest of your crew at least 2 weeks prior to departure.


For more details email

Screen Shot 2015 11 12 At 14.17.56

Hats Off To This Guy



We finally know what Rob Siltanen and Apple were talking about when they referred to “The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently”, are the ones who will change the world.

Nothing quite restored our faith in humanity like receiving this job application of such high skill and calibre.

The Cover Letter:

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 14.17.56

Here he is jumping a jet ski out of a swimming pool. Literally.

Ballsy enough to top this application? If you answered: “MOTHER FLIPPING CHECK ALL OVER THAT.” Well then, what are you waiting for?

Apply for the European Sales Manager here!

12091432 10153711775344516 3842931523916678630 O

Early Christmas Present in Stockholm



The festive spirit has caught on a little early at The Yacht Week and we are throwing in a free Weekend Package for 2 at our 10th Anniversary celebrations in Stockholm on 27-29th November for anyone that takes one of the remaining yachts in Thailand or the British Virgin Islands this Christmas or New Year!

The Weekend Package

- Two nights accommodation on Af Chapman, a tall ship in the middle of Stockholm, for 2 people in a shared cabin.
- Friday Night – Entry to our exclusive party at the creative house of Absolut, Atelier (6-9pm).
- Saturday Night – Welcome drink, dinner with wine and entrance to the 10th Anniversary party, both taking place at Magasinet (7pm-3am). Live performances throughout the evening followed by sets from the legendary TYW DJs, Milo S & Bladtkramer, taking you late into the night. Dress code: Black tie.

Any questions?

Check out the Facebook event for more details or email



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