Yacht Booking and Payment

After making the booking when do you need to pay for the yacht?

This is dependent on which event and which week you are going on. Read more here

What is the cancellation policy?

The holding fee is non-refundable. Once you have made your first payment if you decide to cancel we cannot guarantee you will receive a refund. We will do our best to re-sell the yacht. Please read more in our Terms and Conditions.

When does the crew list need to be filled out?

You must complete your crew list by the time that you complete your last payment.

Can we rent our own yacht through someone else but still join your parties?

To participate in The Yacht Week you have to book your yacht through The Yacht Week. It is very important to regulate the size of The Yacht Week and ensure a quality event for our guests. We only have a limited number of yachts a week and they are all available to book on our website. If we were to let people book yachts outside of The Yacht Week it is hard to monitor capacity and we would end up with too many people on our events.

What happens if I am on my own? Can I join someone else’s yacht?

If you are a two friends or a couple travelling, we recommend a Cabin Booking and join a yacht of other cabin bookers to all travel together.

If you are a solo traveller or would like to join someone else’s yacht, please use our Facebook Forum or Crew Finder.

What is difference between the weeks?

Obviously the weeks differ depending on location, but in the same location all the weeks are the same. Just book the week that suits your availability.

Is it possible to book a yacht but not have the maximum capacity of guests?

Yes, this is possible but you will still incur the full cost of the yacht.


Additional Costs

What are the extra costs per week?

Please look at the destination page as it is dependent on the country you are sailing in.

Do you have to buy The Yacht Week wristband?

The wristband is included in the price across all destinations.

What costs are we expected to cover for our skipper?

You are expected to pay for the skipper’s food and non-alcoholic drinks throughout the week.

Is food provided throughout the week?

No we do not provide meals. You buy the food and alcohol from supermarkets and cook for yourself on the yachts. Alternatively you can eat in restaurants.


The Boat

Do you have motor yachts?

No, we only have sailing yachts in our fleet.

How much room is there for luggage on the yachts?

There is not a huge amount of room for luggage on yachts in general. It is recommended that you use a soft bag, as it is easier to store without taking up space.

Is bedding and towels provided on the yachts?

Yes, bedding is provided along with the a shower towel per person but we advise that you also bring a beach towel for using during the day.

When is the check out of the yachts? What do we need to do before check out?

You need to check out of your yacht before 9am on the last day of the event. For all events this is Saturday, except for the New Year event in the British Virgin Islands where the last day can vary – please check the dates of the New Year event to know which day this falls on.

Before the check out, you need to take out all your baggage, trash and left over food/drinks. You just have to collect all the sheets and towels that you have used and put them in a pile in one of the cabins.


Other Questions

If you are under 20 years old can you participate in The Yacht Week?

No, you must be at least 20 years old to come on one of our trips or turn 20 the same year as the week you go on.

What is the ratio of men and women?

We aim to have 50% women and 50% men at all of our events.

What is the average age of participants on The Yacht Week?

The average age is 27 years old.

When do you get assigned your skipper?

Your skipper will be assigned a few weeks before departure.

Where can you buy The Yacht Week clothing collection?

You can order through our online shop or buy it at an event in the summer.

What time should we arrive on the first day?

For Croatia, Italy and Greece we recommend that you arrive around 2pm in order to get all of your paper work and food shopping done. For the British Virgin Islands and Thailand we suggest 3pm.

What day should we arrange to fly home?

In Croatia, Greece, Italy and Thailand, you have to be back in the harbour on Friday evening. Every yacht has to check-out before 9am on Saturday, so you are free to leave any time after that. If you have a really early flight you should do your check-out on Friday evening. In the British Virgin Islands events, the yachts return to the harbour at around 11am on the last day (the last day can vary for the New Year event – please check your itinerary to know which day this falls on) and the check-out is done shortly afterwards.

Do you need to have sailing experience to participate on The Yacht Week?

No, but if you or a member of you party does not have a skipper license you will need to book a skipper when you book your boat. This will be a great chance for you to learn to sail so ask your skipper to show you how it’s done. You may be asked to help with pulling ropes or holding fenders but it is all easy work!