Additional Costs

In addition to the cost of the yacht you will also have to pay for the fuel and port fees. The port fees vary from place to place and you will also have different options if you want to keep the cost down. Normally you can choose between staying in a port, marina, buoy or anchor.

At some spots you may have to use taxi boats to get from your yacht to the shore depending on where you decide to spend the night. You will find the different prices in the list below.

In addition to these costs you have to pay for your own food and drink on site. Food is usually eaten on the yacht and this will be quite affordable since you can buy everything from supermarkets. An average crew will probably eat dinner at restaurant 2-3 nights per week.

The prices you see below are calculated on a Bavaria 45, which is a yacht with 10 beds. The prices will vary depending on what size of boat you choose.

Name Port Marina Buoy Anchor Taxi Service
Poros €5 none none none none
Ermioni €5 none none Free none
Plaka €5 none none none none
Hydra €5 none none Free none
Greece €40-60 €100-200 €0-20 €140-280