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The perfect combination of holiday and summer work

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The Yacht Week Moments - Lunch at Sea

Join us as a Hostess

Do you want to spend your summer in exotic locations, sailing and meeting new friends? Are you people-oriented, outgoing, helpful and love cooking? If yes, then we have the perfect job for you!

Join us as a hostess in Croatia, Greece or Italy next summer!

Hostess sailing on the ocean

As a hostess you will be expected to welcome your crew, provide them with news and updates about our events, answer questions and help your crew with small tasks, whilst all the time representing The Yacht Week to the highest standards.

A hostess also needs to be knowledgeable about the destinations to be able to provide your guests with tips about fantastic restaurants and exciting places of interests.

Your working hours will need to be flexible given the nature of our events and the ongoing activity almost around the clock. You will be responsible for making sure you plan and execute all your tasks in the role. Our guests are our biggest priority, so you are always expected to be nice and friendly so that your crew get the most out of their holiday.

The following will be expected of you whilst hosting onboard:

  • Host our guests
  • Prepare fresh and tasty full breakfasts, lunches and dinners (maximum two dinners during the week)
  • Do the food shopping on arrival. A member of their crew should accompany you and pay for the shopping
  • Cleaning the galley area
  • Serving drinks with dinner
  • Storing groceries onboard
  • Washing the dishes

Hostess Academy

To qualify you need to join and pass our Hostess Academy, which will be held alongside the Skipper Academy. If you pass this training you will get the opportunity to work with us in the summer. During the academy you will learn about life on a boat, what The Yacht Week is all about, how to host our customers, prepare meals onboard and of course how to sail! On each boat of the academy there will be an instructor, 5-8 skippers, 1-2 hostesses.

Join the Hostess Academy
Hostess partying with the guests


Everyone who passes the academy will be offered a job during the summer either as a hostess on a customer’s yacht with a payment of €300 per week**, or an internship on the Crew Boat with all food and drinks included!

What you will learn during the Hostess Academy:

  • Safety on board and first aid
  • Knowledge about The Yacht Week event and our route
  • Knowledge about the Croatian archipelago and the local harbors
  • How to cook on a boat and serve the meals
  • How to do buy food and provisions for a large group
  • How to make drinks and set up a good party
  • Team building and working together with your skipper
  • How to have the time of your life and get paid for it!
* Flight is not included
** Provided that we have customers booking hostesses on the boats