The Yacht Week Music

It's nothing like the real world

The Yacht Week Music

We have always been fascinated by music. Since the beginning of The Yacht Week, we have been searching to create the best compilations, find the best DJ’s, hits and remixes. Why? Maybe for the simple feeling that sometimes occurs when you find yourself floating over a dancing floor as the world goes by in slomo and your heart beats in time to the base. This is the moment we are seeking. This is moment we want to bring to you!

The Yacht Week CD’s

CD 2013 – Volume 3

For the 3rd year, The Yacht Week and Cr2 Records have joined forces to offer you music from world renowned DJ’s. Not on TYW this summer? You can still enjoy this volume to get the parties started at home!
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CD 2012 – Volume 2

The Yacht Week Volume 2 compilation features 2 CD’s of the finest house music. We hope the tracks chosen for this compilation will bring back wonderful memories of your Yacht Week experience.
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CD 2011 – Volume 1

This the first CD we created with in partnership with CR2 Records. It is an amazing compilation with great DJ’s that will make the memories of The Yacht Week come flooding back!
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The Yacht Week DJ’s

Every week during The Yacht Week we bring in a fresh DJ to set the tone, whether it be some chilled beats whilst sailing, relaxing vibes over a sunset or a full set to keep the party going into the early hours. Have a browse through the different destinations to see who is playing when…