Skipper FAQ


Skipper Requirements

What is expected of me as a skipper?

As a skipper your responsibility is first and foremost for the safety of the crew and safe handling the boat. In addition, you will be a guide and friend to your crew to ensure that your guests have the best time possible on The Yacht Week.

What is the minimum age skippers are required to be?

All skippers must be at least 20 years of age.

What is the maximum age?

Whilst there is no maximum age for our skippers, we try to match the age of our skipper with the guests on the yacht. Generally, this means no skippers are older than 35 years old.

What are the minimum requirements to sail as an in crew or TYW skipper?

These can be found here.

Where and how can I get my RYA Yachtmaster?

You can obtain this from the Skipper Academy or from your local RYA registered training centre. More information on this can be found here.

What are the minimum requirements for American TYW skippers?

The ASA 106 in addition to the USCG Masters License is the minimum requirement for American skippers. Although the RYA Yachtmaster is a preferred qualification.

Do I have to do a skippers course of some sort?

Every TYW skipper needs to attend the Skipper Academy if they want to work for The Yacht Week. In crew skippers must meet our minimum requirements, click here to view these.

What happens if I do not pass the Skipper Academy?

You will not be offered a skipper role on The Yacht Week.

I worked for TYW before, do I need to join the course?

If you worked for TYW before or already passed the course, you will be able to work without joining the Skipper Academy. Note that we will prioritise skippers with Yachtmaster certifications and commercial endorsements. We recommend all old TYW skippers to take their Yachtmasters.

What is a commercial endorsement?

Read more here

I don’t have time to attend the Skipper Academy, can I work anyway?

Unfortunately not. It is very important for us to provide the best skippers possible and we need make sure you can handle the role of a skipper.

I already have a RYA Yachtmaster certificate of competence, what do I do?

If you are already qualified as a RYA Yachtmaster all you have to do is join the Skipper Academy. This is where we will look further in to maneuvering in ports and marinas, rafting boats together, usage of springs, caught anchors, the skipper role and other professional skipper qualities. Of course you will get to know all the other skippers and The Yacht Week management. If you pass the course you will be guaranteed a job in the summer.

Can female skippers join?

Yes of course! We have many female skippers and you are very welcome to join.


Working as a Skipper

More information on skipper pay can be found here.

When do I have to arrive at the marina?

The boats are handed over during the afternoon on the first day of the event, which is Saturday on all events except BVI New Year where the start day can vary (please check boat assignment for exact date). Therefore you should aim to arrive at the marina by lunch time at the latest.

What liability for damages do I have as a skipper?

As a professional skipper you are responsible for the boat at all times. If any damages occur that are not directly caused by the crew, the skipper will have to pay for the damages. There is an optional hull insurance that can be taken out by skippers, which we highly recommend everyone take. More information on this will be available when you attend the Skipper Academy.

Can you arrange accommodation if I get there a few days before?

No, we can not. If you have to spend a night or two somewhere before or after the event we recommend that you book a bed in a nearby town.

Does the skipper get their own cabin?

A skipper will get a cabin made available by their guests.

Can I choose my own crew?

The Skipper Manager will do their to best to match a crew with the most appropriate skipper. A crew may request a specific skipper.

When do I get informed about the yacht I will be skippering?

Skippers will be assigned a yacht a couple of weeks before departure.

What is the minimum number of weeks for a skipper? Can I participate for just one week?

The more weeks you make yourself available for the summer, the more likely it is that you will get the job. We look for skippers that can work for at least 8 weeks.


The Yacht

Is the yacht equipped with GPS / plotter / sea charts?

Yes, the yacht is equipped with standard instruments, VHF radio, GPS, plotter and relevant sea charts for the area. There is also a GSM mobile phone onboard that receives text message forecasts and weather alerts every day.

Are the yachts equipped whit radar?

No they are not.

Is there any way I can get to know the yacht before the event starts?

No, the yachts are usually rented out the week before the event and not returned before the morning the new event starts. Therefore you will not be able to see the yacht beforehand. When the yacht is handed over you will get thorough check-in on all aspects of the yacht.

If I am skippering for more than one week will it be on different yachts or on the same one?

The likelihood is that it will be on different yachts, but you might be assigned the same yacht for more than one week in a row.



What are the additional costs for me as a skipper? How much money will I spend during a week as a skipper?

As a skipper you will pay your own travel costs to the event (flight and transfers). During the week your crew are expected to pay for all meals and non-alcoholic drinks, so your spending is determined by you for all other expenses.

How much does a TYW skipper cost to hire?

Please see here.

Will I be able to wash and dry my clothes at the marina during the Saturday when I change my yacht and crew?

Yes, you will be able to do this in the marina.

What kind of skipper clothing do I get?

You will get a skipper polo and other items from our sponsors.

Do any yachts require more than one skipper?

No, it’s one skipper for each yacht.