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Welcome to Turkey

‘50 Shades of Turquoise’ would be a more fitting name for this route, but alas, it’s too long. Turkey is one of our newest destinations but certainly not the more modern. Rural yet rich in many ways. Some stops along the way quite literally feel as if time has stood still for many… many… years. Imagine endless views of azure seas lined with sandy beaches against the backdrop of rising mountains. This Turkish Delight hosts 20 yachts a fleet per week.

Here we run a One Way Route, which runs in alternate directions each week, starting in one marina and finishing in another. Routes will alternate between starting and finishing in Marmaris or Fethiye. Be sure to check which marina your route is starting from. Dalaman airport is right smack bang between these two marinas, making it easy for travel arrangements.

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  • Marmaris

    Here you will find your yacht at Netsel Marina. This port town is a tourist hotspot and sits beneath two intersecting sets of mountains. With its colourful lights from the street bars and historic foundations of Marmaris Castle and the Grand Bazaar it's the perfect introduction to Turkey. This will be your starting point if you are checking in at Netsel Marina.

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  • Fethiye

    This vibrant little town pronounced: ‘Fe-tee-ye’ - incase you were wondering - is a true Turkish treasure, famous for its rich and varied history, but more importantly, its tasty local food. This will be your starting point if you are checking in at Ece Saray Marina.

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  • Ciftlik

    A group of restaurants and hotels nestle inside a cove protected by a large island at its entrance. Here you can revel under the Turkish sun and take part in a number of watersports. As the sun starts to set so the evening festivities begin again.

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  • Ekincik

    Boasting a 1km coastline, Ekincik is known for its stunning palmed beach. Swap those sunnies for goggles because these waters are teeming with underwater life surrounding the submarine caves. For the more culturally-inclined folk, Ekincik is the best place from which to explore the ancient site of Kaunos - 4th century BC temple tombs.

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  • Gemiler Adasi

    A true hidden spectacle, this island is 1km long in its entirety and filled with the ancient historic remains of early Christian churches. A stroll up to the summit of the island is well worth the walk for the mesmerizing views.

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  • Göcek

    As legend has it, it was in the Göcek area that the over-ambitious Icarus landed in the sea having not heeded his father’s advice. After visiting this quaint little village, you might consider him a lucky man to have fallen into such crystal clear waters.

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  • Sarsala

    One of the more popular stops due to its stunning surroundings and pine-treed mountainous backdrop, the ideal spot for a Turkish mezze style picnic.

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Answers To Your Questions Yes, we read your mind…

The exact routes are set a few weeks before the event starts. As soon as the routes are set, you will be able to view it on your booking.

The first week in Turkey (week 30) will start from Netsel marina, Marmaris and end in Ece Saray marina, Fethiye the following Saturday. Week 31 will then start in Fethiye and end in Marmaris. This will then repeat for the duration of the summer, so be sure to check your week and yacht to know which marina to travel to. Both of these marinas are centrally located to Dalaman airport.

Week 30: Starting marina: Netsel marina, Marmaris
Week 31: Starting marina: Ece Saray marina, Fethiye
Week 32: Starting marina: Netsel marina, Marmaris
Week 33: Starting marina: Ece Saray marina, Fethiye

We recommend to get to the marina by 3pm. Then you will have time to register with us, do the check-in with the yachting company and the food shopping before you get your yacht. The yachts will stay in the marina on Saturday night and leave on Sunday morning. You will get back to the marina on Friday afternoon and have to check out and leave the yacht before 9am on Saturday morning.

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