Welcome to the best week of your life

This is The Yacht Week – an adventure like no other. Explore stunning oceans and islands aboard your very own yacht – with your best mates and hundreds of other beautiful like-minded explorers in convoy. You’ll have your own skipper and the freedom to map your own path for seven days through spectacular beaches, deserted islands and incredible parties.

The Experience

Eat, sleep and live on a yacht for seven days in a paradise of your choice and enjoy the flexibility yacht travel brings.

Fill your days with secret swim stops, discovering deserted beaches and hiking to heights that make your heart soar.

Dance somewhere different every night of the week. Boogie on a boat, a bar or a beach - we're not fussy where we move our feet.

After experiencing your first Yacht Week, you're initiated into a community of sailors, makers, movers and shakers.


What's The Yacht Week?

The Yacht Week is the original floating festival. Imagine 7 days at sea with your friends and a community of hundreds of other revellers from around the world. Sail, explore, dance and belong year round, with events in Croatia, Greece, Montenegro and the Caribbean.

How do we join The Yacht Week?

There are 4 ways to join TYW: 1. You gather a group of friends and book a yacht (the most common way). The price of the yacht is fixed and you split it between all crew members on board. 2. Grab one other friend and book a double cabin. You will then be placed on a yacht with other cabin bookers. This is a great, simple package which includes the price of a skipper, host and food! 3. You can also book a solo spot. These can be found under the fully catered cabin option and will only show up if available. Don't worry, this won't mean that you're going it alone, we will assign you to a bunk bed cabin with someone else who has also booked solo. Your cabin will be on a yacht with other cabin bookers so it's the perfect way to meet new people. 4. Take a look at the Crew Finder where people who have already booked a yacht list their available spots to find extra crew. The Facebook Crew Finder Group is also a good tool to find spare spaces.

Can I rent a yacht for only a few days?

Our events are all 7 days, typically from Saturday to Saturday. You are welcome to arrive later or leave earlier, however you would have to cover the full cost of the week.