Alex Ebs

Netherlands | DJ

Since 2012 Alex Ebs has been growing in leaps and bounds as a DJ and touring artist. Leaving an international footprint, Alex has played shows all over the world from the USA to China and many countries in between.

After being titled in the Top 5 U19 DJs of the Netherlands in 2017, Alex Ebs has had residencies in China, Greece and the Netherlands, and was able to stack 70 shows in 6 countries during summer of 2018 at only 18 years old. With this development, Alex has since been booked at infamous clubs including; AIR Amsterdam, Cue Breda and Complex Maastricht, and festivals such as Pinkpop, Groove Garden, Pop On Top, Castle of Love, and INKOM Maastricht.

Young but passionate, Alex has already garnered hundreds of thousands of dedicated listeners with his signature mix of latin beats, dancehall and hip hop. Not limiting himself to any single genre Alex has seen support from international artists as Alvaro, Juicy M, Chocolate Puma, Throttle and many more.