Frisky Disco

Australia | DJ | TYW Head of Entertainment

From growing up in far north Queensland to making a cheeky bit of noise in the Australian clubbing scene, Frisky Disco has had a huge range of musical influences over the years.

As a performer, Frisky has flirted with everything from dubstep and psy-trance to hip hop, trap and drum & bass but always found himself coming back to his beloved 4x4. His decade-plus love affair with house music usually means he will be serving up groovy bass lines, soaring horns and the best kind of hi-hat conversations. However, this doesn't stop the bloke from dropping the occasional eye watering 90's party set if the mood is right.

Prior to moving into bookings and management, performances around South East Queensland quickly earned Frisky Disco regular slots at some of Australia's premier clubs and events including The Family, GPO, The Bowler Bar, HARD Australia and more. Since starting his DJ career in 2011, Tom has performed all over the world, from Australia to Greece, Croatia, Japan, Canada and the USA.