The Bahamas, Abacos Route

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The Treasured Islands

The Bahamas is a sailing paradise! Snorkel in the company of turtles and tropical fish, dive sunken shipwrecks, relax on clean white sand and witness breathtaking scenery from your deck. Laid-back island culture, delicious local food, quiet paradise cays and world-class sailing are waiting for you...


Deserted Beaches


A Firefly Sunset

Pete's Gallery

Coco Beach Party

Shoreside yoga

Sample a Pirates Poison

Sunset Beach

Nippers Day Party

Snorkelling and Diving

Tahiti Beach

Elbow Cay Lighthouse

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Day by day

Day 1: Marsh Harbour

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Marsh Harbour

Welcome to the Abacos! Meet your skipper at the marina and get comfortable aboard your yacht. Your adventure is about to start. Embrace your new community.
Marsh Harbour

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