The Yacht Week Music Video

January 20, 2012

Fist Pump Sailing and an Exclusive Interview with Pantless Knights

Here in The Yacht Week bridge we can’t bear it any longer… the release of THE best yacht-inspired music video since Jay-Z’s Big Pimpin’ is soon to be released! Last summer, whilst on a Yacht Week event, our good friends from across the Pond, Pantless Knights, set about recording a music video for their new song – Fist Pump Sailing (The Real World). We are proud to announce that the song is available on Spotify and iTunes – as for the much anticipated video, we’ll just have to keep you waiting a few days longer and tease you with some screen shots of all the fun and frolics the guys got up to.

PATRICK: The Yacht Week cannot be overlooked by the curious. If language barriers are your concern, you must not be a very good dancer.

Thanks to modern technology (Skype) we didn’t have to jet across the Atlantic to get an exclusive interview with Patrick Dunnham and Peter Furia of Pantless Knights. Here the guys tell us about what inspired the upcoming video and some VERY exciting projects soon to be launched.
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TYW: What inspired the song and video?

PATRICK: There is a famous quote from Peter's first video for The Yacht Week where a girl says, "This is not real life." We wanted to capture this sentiment by packaging The Yacht Week experience in a dream sequence, so we crafted an intro to the music video where I accidentally knock both of us unconscious. This dream quickly becomes the ideal world, the real world. People who experience The Yacht Week for the first time can become confused. Are they dreaming? Or did they just finally wake up for the first time in their lives? Many are interacting with people from all over the world in one concentrated experience. Celebrating life with people from all ends of the Earth is as real as it gets.

PETER: We chose the concept Fist Pump Sailing because we haven't yet seen the two things combined. I think The Yacht Week, and sailing in general, has a highbrow reputation - we wanted to make the point that people don't take themselves too seriously on The Yacht Week. So we appropriated the fist pump ironically. It was a fun project all around. We were also fortunate enough to have the instrumental produced by our very talented friend Jeff Kite, who is currently working with Beat Club and Julian Casablancas.

[image_frame style="framed" align="right" height="168" width="300"][/image_frame]TYW: Where was the video shot?

PATRICK: Croatia and San Francisco.

TYW: What do you think of The Yacht Week?

PETER: The Yacht Week is a unique blend of sailing, exploring new places and cultures, and good times with close friends and new friends.

PATRICK: The Yacht Week cannot be overlooked by the curious. If language barriers are your concern, you must not be a very good dancer.

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TYW: What was your best memory from the trip?

PATRICK: The first moment of silence when the motor shuts off and the sails fill.

PETER: For me, it was a day trip we took on the island of Vis. We rented scooters at the port, got a tip from a Croatian local on a special restaurant, and then road 45 minutes into the rural countryside to a remote village. We were welcomed by the restaurant owner, who cooked us a five course meal with ingredients entirely harvested from his property. We also discovered Rakija.

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TYW: What are you working on for your next project?

PETER: We're excited to be working on a brand new YouTube channel called "American Hipster". We've partnered with YouTube on the project and are excited to be launching 3 weekly shows starting in April, each with its own unique angle on hipster culture. It'll be a very entertaining blend of pop culture and comedy. We'll also be producing some hilarious music videos between now and then so keep an eye out for those.

Patrick and Peter joined us on Week 34 in Croatia to film the music video for Fist Pump Sailing (The Real World). Their next project, American Hipster, launches on April 2nd, 2012 on YouTube in what can be described as a comedy channel that explores pop culture through the lens of hipsterism – that ironically popular movement built on not being popular!