DAY 10: What about that Dream Crew...

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 9th April 2012

“Is there a blank box for us to check in the application to see what kind of crew we want?” John from Denmark innocently asked me today. Whether it be an all girl crew, boy crew, mixed crew, a Spanish crew or a Swedish crew, they know how to sail or they have never been on a boat... the skippers are notified a few months before the event as to who they will master and command for possibly the next best 4 weeks of their life. Here at The Yacht Week, every crew checks off the characteristics necessary to create a dream team. Each week brings in new nationalities, new experiences, new things to teach and new friendships. [margin10] Throughout the week I noticed that each and every crew at The Skipper Academy all formed their own unique bond together.  From the night sails to the chilled early mornings through to the dares and challenges of the week, each crew stuck together until the very end.  Within themselves they created their own dream teams.  A type of dream team that will start to gain its strength this very summer. [margin10] Name: Bernardo Lichtenberg Low-Beer, Trainee Age: 25 Nationality: Brazilian You are alone on a boat and wake up where: Mentawai, a destination near Hawaii or South Africa Your dream crew: An international crew of European girls Do they know how to sail: Some know, some don’t so that I can teach them Where are they from: European: Spaniards, Italians, Germans, British and Swedish Any famous people on board: Robert Sheidt - greatest sailor in the world Have you ever sailed with someone famous: Yes, THE Paul McCartney [margin10] Name: Richard Sparrow Keeling, Instructor Age: 38 Nationality: Brit Your dream crew: My dream crew would be 10 of the hundred skippers I have met over the years with my Yacht Week experience What would the name of the crew be: Team Awesome Where are they from: All over the world When you’re not being a Yacht Week skipper: I am a professional yachtsman and a company director One thing you cannot live without on board: Music and a hammock [clearboth]

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