DAY 5: The Skipper Bible

The Yacht Week

By The Yacht Week

Posted on 4th April 2012

There exists a brotherhood within The Yacht Week of experienced, determined and motivated sailors. They spend so much time above the water that the one thing that unites them together is the salt water that runs in their blood. Like all fraternities, this special one within The Yacht Week has its secrets, ideas and experiences that cannot be shared with anyone else but themselves. Once you're in, there is no getting out because The Yacht Week fever spreads like wild fire and the commitment to the fraternity of skippers is something that will last as long as there is still water in the sea. [margin10] The book of rules that forms the basis of this fraternity is The Skipper Bible - an elaborately composed book that describes all of the ins-and-outs of how to become a skipper for The Yacht Week. All skippers this year had to thoroughly study The Skipper Bible and were tested on the first day of the academy on the grueling process of how to become a Yacht Week skipper. Let's see what the author and current skipper instructor of the week, Alec Newton, has to say about the official Yacht Week skipper book of rules, secrets and tips. [margin10]

Live from Croatia, with Alec Newton

Are there secrets from The Skipper Bible that can be dispelled to the public: No, there are certain things only the skippers can know to make The Yacht Week function. What challenges are involved: Being a skipper with TYW is incomparable to being a normal skipper. Once you're in, you've become part of a family that you will never leave. In your first week you will be met with a variety of surprise challenges to test your wit, endurance and determination. Where did the inspiration come from: The idea of The Skipper Bible came from a spontaneous call one day from Leo, the Skipper Manager, while I was at a Croatian music festival. He told me that we had to up the ante at The Skipper Academy 2012. It went something like this... ul>
  • Leo, "Hey Alec, can you write me a document this year about the core role a skipper has to play during TYW?"
  • Alec, "Yea Leo, I'm not quite sure about a document, but I'll write a bible."
  • Leo, "DONE!"
  • [margin10] Can we get a "feeling" for this super secret document?": I'll give you a small extract from The Skipper Bible.... [margin10] "Describing Hvar to a new skipper is difficult until they actually live the experience... Hvar is legendary to The Yacht Week. Skippers have been known to refer to Wednesday as "Hvarday" just because the party there is so good! Typically Hvar is known as THE party town of Croatia... shame the party revelers not enjoying TYW have to watch from afar, only capturing evidence from their digital cameras... 8 Hvar days in a row... Can you handle it?" [margin10] Name: Vaughan Cloros, Trainee Age: 23 Nationality: Australian When you are not sailing you are: Riding motocross, working for the family business, and wake boarding in Sydney Have you ever joined a brotherhood: I'm in an annual travel crew that goes to Thailand TYW is: Definitely worth a trip half way across the world Any skipper secrets: Have well organized costumes on board for the regatta What has stuck with you from The Skipper Bible: Can't wait to check out the epic spots for cliff jumping [margin10] [one_half] [/one_half] [one_half_last] Name: Thomas Michelsen, Trainee Age: 22 Nationality: Belgian When did you start sailing: At 12 years old in New Port, Belgium The fraternity of skippers is: Secret and only we can know certain things Why is The Skipper Bible important: It will help me to lead my crew in a good way, making sure they have the best vacation of their lives When you're not sailing you're: Studying automotive engineering Is there any skipper secret you can give away: Keep a balance between partying and skippering [/one_half_last] [clearboth]

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