DAY 9: Femenautical

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 8th April 2012

Here at The Yacht Week, if you have the skills, the motivation, an open mind and a passion for the sport then you may just be qualified to be a Yacht Week skipper. A small percentage of these skippers at the academy are girls. Alongside their fellow brother skippers, they have been pulling the ropes, putting in twice the effort, and bringing a feminine touch of order and organization to their crews. The dares, the challenges and the love for the water goes both ways. The only difference between our girl and boy skippers is the size of the suitcase and the time they need to get ready in the morning. They both ask themselves the same question every morning: Am I ready, willing and up for the challenge to become a Yacht Week skipper? [margin10] Halie Kampman Age: 25 Nationality: Californian When you’re not sailing, you are: Working for a non-profit art organization... and traveling the world Favorite place to sail: My home, San Francisco Bay Why TYW: I want to sail and work within an international context How did you hear about TYW: My friend, Drew, from the sailing team at UCLA Your dream crew: A mixed crew with people who have sailing skills, good stories and a strong desire to learn What you can bring to your crew: I like to sing duets One thing you can’t live without on a boat: Comic relief from Spaniards [margin10] Name: Isabella Naef, Trainee Age: 25 Nationality: Swiss-Italian When you’re not sailing you are: Working full time in London for TYW Dream crew: My crew that I have here at the Skipper Academy TYW is: International and unforgettable Most hardcore experience thus far at The Skipper Academy: The food from our hostess Alessia Papa Something you can bring to your Yacht Week crew: Cigarettes and a big bag full of clothes [margin10] Name: Andy Buttlar, Trainee Age: 31 Nationality: German-Finnish When you’re not sailing, you are: Working in Cologne. Do you think a girl can be a skipper: Of course Would you ever want to have a girl as your skipper:: Why not? You wake up alone on a boat, where are you: Somewhere in Croatia on the TYW South Route> in a dinghy Do you have any girl skippers on your boat: Yes, actually two! One thing you cannot live without on a boat: Girl skippers and a great hostess [clearboth]

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