FINALE: Putting on The Red Polo

April 10, 2012

Tom Hangs feat. Shermanology - Blessed (Avicii Mix)

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A dock lined with sail boats... Avicii playing in the distance... Happy people... The newly inaugurated team of skippers ready, willing and excited for what may become for them the beginning of something too good to be true.


I probably walked the dock and jumped from boat to boat about more than one hundred times throughout the academy to really get to know the trainees over the past 10 days. In the beginning it was the nerves, excitement and curiosity that lined their faces.  This time around on the dock while filming a video of the skippers on the boats, I noticed something different. The incredible energy of happiness and team spirit in the air gave me chills as I watched the crews celebrate their hard work and accomplishment together.  I had to laugh to myself as I heard the crews yelling back and forth to each other repeatedly "When are we going to leave... probably never!" or "This country is called The Yacht Week!"


So, at the end of the day...

The 4am night sails

6am mooring practices

Dreams of putting up the sails in 30 knots of wind

Working hours on end at anchor practice

Diving in 12 degree water

AND Turning off the music after 22:00

Is definitely worth it if in return the promise is:

Blasting Avicii or any other type of music found in TYW videos

Having a drink with your newly formed team of skippers and friends from all over the world

Sailing around Croatia


being promised the dream job of the summer for weeks on end!


The Skipper Academy is and was just the beginning.  Now the trainees have officially become Yacht Week skippers.  Danish skipper Jens told me today as he walked off to grab a taxi to Split Airport, "Sophie, I really don't want to go back to the real world." Next check-in to The Yacht Week dream begins in June 2012.  Come join us!


Name: Rashid E, Trainee
Age: 34
Nationality: Danish-Egyptian
When you’re not sailing: I work at for the Danish police as a prosecutor
Why be a skipper for TYW: I have already been on TYW twice as a client and one week out of the year was just NOT enough... so I knew that if I became a skipper my Yacht Week experience would last forever
When you think of TYW, what comes to your mind: Afternoon parties on the boat until sunset with everyone still in their swim wear from the day
Difference between being a skipper for TYW and a skipper for someone else: A Yacht Week skipper joins a family and becomes part of the skipper fraternity


Name: Daniele Paolo Anderle-Spider Monkey
Age: 24
Nationality: Italian
When you’re not sailing: I am a professional violinist and studying physics in Germany
One thing I could surprise my crew with: Spontaneous concerts with any type of instrument available on board
Why be a skipper for TYW: I love to be surrounded by international people
When you think of TYW what comes to your mind: Another world
Difference between being a skipper for TYW and a skipper for someone else: It’s like the difference between a rock and a monkey