More from DAY 4: Dare to Dive

Today is Day 4 of The Skipper Academy. Yesterday evening the skipper managers, Leo and Anton, gave the boys the heads up that the day would be starting at 4:00 am with an invigorating night sail! By starting off with mooring practices in Vis to rafting up side by side in Komiza to waking up at 4:00 am to 20 knots of wind... the skippers' progress is being noted, their skills are being improved, and their manhood is being put to the test! [margin10] To mix it up a bit, we have decided to make it a wee bit more interesting by raising the competition and allowing the skippers to relax today with a diving and dinghy race...not to mention in 13 degree water. Tonight they will be rewarded for their hard work up with a party given by TYW crew. It will just be an inkling of what they are to expect this summer. [clearboth]