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Posted on 30th July 2012

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“Oh you’re a hostess! You have the best job ever.”

I hear this phrase at least twenty times a day. Hostesses are a new addition to The Yacht Week experience. We take care of all the little things no one thinks about when planning their yacht vacation, turning what will already be the best week of your life into something even better. What does a hostess do? I cook breakfast and lunch with two dinners of your choosing. I plan a menu and go with you to the supermarket to do a food shop letting you concentrate on the incredibly important matter of procuring massive quantities of beer. I organize the troops and know all the best spots on the islands. I’ll even mix up some fabulous cocktails and then enjoy them with you. I am a member of your crew, ready to join in the fun and festivities. With the added benefit that I even take care of the dishes.

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You want to book a table at the party in Komiza? I’ll take care of it. Craving the best gelato in Vis? There’s a great place just down the dock and they have a layered cookie flavour they’ve made famous. I know just how early you need to leave to make the Crew Boat Party and exactly why it’s so much fun.

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Last week I hostessed for a Mexican crew. After the first night’s party in Trogir we headed back to the boat where the boys pushed tequila shots on everyone who passed by to the point where we had people from Norway and Sweden trading random phrases in each other’s languages. The music turned on suddenly and I had to be the enforcer, reminding them that from 10PM until 10AM were quiet hours, no music. Out of nowhere, one of my Mexican crew started beat boxing while his friend free styled along to the rhythm. A few of the Norwegian girls joined in until the whole boat was singing along. All I could do was sit back and smile: this was going to be a very good week...

Having crossed the pond to work as a Hostess this summer, Alissa is one of the very carefully selected Hostesses available in Croatia and in Greece this summer.

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