Chilled Champagne in an Ancient Fort

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 13th August 2012

One champagne shower party, an old fort, a massive countdown, over 400 bottles ready to be popped open, the clock strikes 2:00, and CAUTION: Floors will get slippery. Chilled Champagne at Fort George Croatia Step into history...Did you ever think you could party and listen to house music in an old fortress...seems like a dream... Last night The Yacht Week did just this. Success was made with the organization of the biggest champagne shower party ever seen in Croatian history. It was a surreal moment for everyone to be in a party environment surrounded by rustic, moss covered walls dating back to the year 1811. Champagne shower at Fort George Croatia DJ FDVM playing at Fort George Croatia

On the small island of Vis lies Fort St. George, an old fortress that today plays host to one of TYW’s new party locations on the South route. During the Napoleonic Wars after a notable naval victory, the British created this fortress on top of the hill. Little did they know that years later, some young and innovative minds would transform their site of refuge into the ultimate party location. Ancient granite grey walls are now accented by colored lights to create the perfect contrast upon entrance. Once inside, the scene is set by the illuminated bars that lie beneath the giant pine trees dating back to the years of our ancients.

Yes, it is unreal and last night was the perfect example to explain this phenomenon. Guests were advised two days before about the champagne shower party, so they were ready, willing and energized. The time was set for 2:00 a.m. to open up the bottles. DJ Vic and MC Mike had to work hard to maintain the crowd’s patience until 2. Their power and control of the crowd was crucial for the overall success of the explosion of over 400 bottles of champagne. As the music grew, the adrenaline started to raise and only 5 seconds were left to make Yacht Week history. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, bottles open and nothing could be seen except a myriad of bubbly bliss in the air.

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