Day 3: Lipari

On the way to Lipari we stopped at white beach, just north of where we stay for the evening in Pingataro marina. What was intended to be a small raft with two or three boats per anchor turned into a sixteen-boat raft that lived up to proper Yacht Week tradition. After eight boats lined up side by side, additional boats started backing in stern to stern. Eventually the crew boat joined the raft and the chill party we had planned for turned into one of the highlight rafts of the week. Around six p.m. the coast guard paid us a little visit to inform us that the two catamarans closest to shore were too close and had to be moved. At that point we decided it was time to head to Lipari for the evening. The town of Lipari is a beautiful traditional Italian town with narrow cobblestone lined roadways and several little restaurants and boutiques throughout. Crews had a few hours of down time to stroll through the town and find a good meal or shop as they pleased. Then around midnight we made our way to a club that is on the point overlooking the whole harbor of Lipari where the party continued throughout the night.