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By The Yacht Week

Posted on 3rd August 2012

[image_frame style="framed" align="left" height="200" width="200"][/image_frame] This summer The Yacht Week is pleased to present Scottie Hampton sunglasses. Normal is not an adjective used to describe anything that happens at The Yacht Week. Things are no longer seen through black or brown lenses, but polarized ones. As Scottie Hampton puts it:


The greens are greener, blues are bluer, and it honestly seems that all colors are intensified and more vivid when wearing them. A little online research will result in the scientifically proven fact that rose tint in lenses is excellent for low light conditions and fast action activities because it sharpens contrast and image resolution. Essentially, if you live an active lifestyle, these are the perfect sunglasses from sunrise to sunset!

[image_frame style="framed" align="right" height="200" width="200"][/image_frame] Four Yacht Week skippers will be forming the brotherhood of the travelling Scottie Hampton sunglasses. The sunglasses begin their journey with Matt on our new destination added this year, the Aeolian Route in Italy; they travel their way to John in the North Route of Croatia; then to Max in Greece on the Saronic Route and end with the most energized South Route of Croatia with Axel. What do the skippers see when they put these sunglasses on? How are they living TYW dream? What happens to them at TYW that doesn’t happen in their real lives? Let’s follow the sunglasses on their route this summer through the four Yacht Week Mediterranean destinations and hear from our very own skippers about what really makes this country called The Yacht Week.


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