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Posted on 14th August 2012

At The Yacht Week, we have many types of artists. Skippers: artists of the sea. DJs: artists of the music. Event staff: artists of the entertainment. Photographers: artists of the moment. We have our photographers join us every week to personally capture each and every moment of the event. Some are returners, others are getting themselves into a shooting position they have never been in. From cliff jumping to private dinners to the most insane crew boat parties, the photographer’s role on TYW is fundamental to providing the footage you can have to relive TYW moment. Let’s get to know one of our own veteran photographers for TYW who joined us this year for Weeks 30 and 31.  Shooting for TYW is nothing new for 23 year old Dino Soldin from Sweden. This is his third year and 6th week with The Yacht Week on the South Route of Croatia. Sophie: Is this your first time shooting with TYW? Dino: No, this is my third year, 6th week, always Croatia South. S: How did you hear about TYW? D: I was contacted on Fool’s Day, April 1st 2010 by The Yacht Week’s media coordinator to come shoot for the summer event in Croatia. When I saw the original trailer for the event, I could not believe it was real, especially since it was April Fool’s Day. It all seemed too good to be true, especially since I would be tying two of the best things together: photography and meeting people from all around the world. S: What genre do you normally photograph? D: Fashion photography, mainly male clothing for an online website I’m collaborating with at the moment. S: What is your favorite thing to photograph while on TYW? D: Mellow sailing around 6-7 o’clock with music in the background while enjoying the light wind air. I don’t like to shoot with the hard sun. I enjoy shooting with an inviting light around the early evening. I also love to shoot creative shots with the guests in action while dancing, cliff jumping, and swimming. S: If you could be an artist of some other type of media, what would it be? D: I would love to be an architect because design has always been a great passion of mine as well. Next, I would love to be able to paint, but the ending result is never what I imagine it to be, that’s why I stick to photography because I can create my piece of artwork by setting the frame, ambiance and mood within a moment’s time. S: Where do you find your inspiration? D: I took two photography classes in high school with an amazing professor. Then, during my gap year I worked as a math teacher for my old junior high in Sweden, making some extra money to buy something nice for myself, which was of course, a camera. Thanks to Facebook, I was able to begin publishing my work and the support of my friends on the social networks just began to explode. From then on I realized that perhaps photography was meant for me. S: What are you shooting with on TYW? D: A CANON 5D MARK III S: Describe your shooting style D: My photography is like a story. I am the author of my photographs. I don’t take pictures of plants or still things in nature. I take pictures of different types of scenes or moments in time. This way each person that sees my photography can come up with their own type of story. [galleria transition="fade" align="centre" height="300" width="550" enable="image_crop,show_counter,show_imagenav,pause_on_interaction,lightbox"] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [/galleria] [clearboth]

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