The Yacht Week Withdrawals

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Posted on 12th September 2012

The Yacht Week summer 2012 has now officially ended.  The weather is slowly starting to change as fall begins to creep in around the corner.  Some of you may already be noticing the first signs of cold weather, bi-polar in comparison to what you experienced in either Greece, Italy, or Croatia this summer.  Luckily those living south of the equator are now only beginning their season of long days, short nights, and tropical cocktails on the beach.  Everyone is noticing some type of climate change, apprehensively crawling back into the real world, and trying to concentrate whether it be in the classroom or the office.

There is just one thing you did this summer that makes it extra hard to really stay focused and get back on track.  That one thing was a trip on a sail boat that only lasted a week, but seemed like it had lasted for months, considering you visited a new destination each day and had your schedule loaded with fun activities and new people to meet from around the world... If any of the following symptoms or situations are currently involved in your day to day life, you may have what we call The Yacht Week Withdrawals. Something deep inside of you now nostalgically longs for this week as you take the metro, walk on the street, or go for a run while listening to Million Voices on your smart phone.  Your colleagues now know more about the trip than they should and will probably be going next year because it is the only thing you can talk about at coffee break.  At work or in class, you can’t help but to show all of your friends the pictures and videos made from this summer.  You are now the go-to person at the parties to make the playlist because of all the amazing tracks you heard this summer that are now permanently etched into your brain... Take a look at the long term and short term symptoms of The Yacht Week Withdrawals Short-Term Symptoms:
  • Playing tracks by Avicii, Lykke Li, or Swedish House Mafia more than 5 times a day
  • Hiding behind the computer screen in the office or in class to view the original trailer you got to finally live over the summer
  • Keeping your Facebook page opened all day in case any tags of you in pictures or new Yacht Week friend requests show up on your notifications
  • Playing SoundCloud on repeat from the DJ the week you came
  • Wearing your Yacht Week polo to the gym, a party, or even to sleep in
  • Ensuring your wristband never falls off
  • Convincing your family, friends, and strangers to do The Yacht Week before they die
  • Attending all after summer sales to stock up on new bathing suits and summer wear for the British Virgin Islands
  • Booking your next Yacht Week with the BVIs the second you got home and connected to internet
Long-Term Symptoms 
  • Thinking about leaving your real job to become a skipper
  • Organizing trips with fellow Yacht Weekers throughout the year in different cities around the world
  • Hosting parties at your university or own home with a nautical Yacht Week theme
  • Making it a point to go to every Yacht Week launch party
  • Counting the days down until bookings for summer 2013 open on December 1
Let’s face it, we are all going through The Yacht Week Withdrawals, maybe some more so than others. A trip to Europe, the US, South America, or wherever it may be to visit your new friends can also become a reality because of the intense bond you all created this summer. Although the summer comes to an end, The Yacht Week continues throughout the year and a trip to make it to a few launch parties or the BVIs can help to cure these withdrawals of brutal nostalgia.  We are all in this together, The Yacht Week is here for you. [clearboth]

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