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Posted on 4th September 2012

He’s only 23, reigning from London, and speaks perfect French.  He has been with us for two weeks this summer, one of which was the biggest event in all Yacht Week history with over 80 boats and an entire film crew.  He may be a first timer as a photographer for The Yacht Week, but look at his portfolio online and you will see the incredible work of this tall, lean photographing machine. Full Name Sam Jacques Bénard Nationality Half French, Half English Sophie: This is your first year shooting for The Yacht Week and you just shot the biggest week of the summer, what is one thing you learned about yourself: Sam: The importance of applying perseverance. Sophie: Week 32 was the biggest week of the summer, what was the best moment to shoot? Sam: Private party made in the open sea, in the middle of no where.  A flower raft-up of about 10 boats were made in the open sea. I was hopping around from boat to boat at the moment of the party, then I had to change my lens from wide angle to zoom.  It was difficult to keep a 15 pound lens from falling to the depths of the sea. Sophie: What was the most difficult moment to shoot? Sam: Joining a crew of all girls that were sea sick.  It was difficult to try and capture a group of people that I assumed would be fun and perky, but in the end turned out to be awfully sick. Sophie: Did you collaborate at all with the film crew? Sam: I was shooting as an extra. I was taking pics of the film crew at the champagne shower party in Vis as they were shooting the party. It was amazing to work aside them, especially from a photographical perspective.  I shared the same idea with them of the importance of direction, organization, and improvisation especially while having to work on a moving vessel. Sophie: What did you learn about yourself: Sam: You can make a story board and rehearse what you can shoot, but then you add waves, jumping people and that is where improvisation comes in.  You can expect things, but you also must be ready for anything that can be thrown at you, literally. Sophie: What will be the most difficult thing you’ll have to face once you’re back home in London? Sam: Back home, in regards to my photography, inspiration is a bit more difficult grasp.  Originality and creativity are harder to find.  I’m hoping my Yacht Week style has incorporated and brought out my home style.

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