Painkillers in Paradise

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 13th December 2012

Hostess-extraordinaire, Alissa, introduces us to a Caribbean liquid specialty, the Painkiller, and it's potential to influence your (volleyball) game in the British Virgin Islands... [margin10] [fancy_images width="550" height="330"][image alt="Alt Text"][/image][/fancy_images] [margin10] “It’s like we’re sailing into a postcard,” I remarked awestruck. [margin10] Never mind that five of us were squeezed into a dinghy sporting matched gold and red bathing suits and cheetah print headbands, carting a jug of rum punch. As the postcard island veered dangerously closer, we all grinned at each other, more than ready for an epic team volleyball tournament set on the pristine white beaches of Sandy Cay yelling our team cheer. [fancy_images width="550" height="366"][image alt="Alt Text"][/image][/fancy_images] [margin10] Palm trees swayed lightly and the sand felt like silk in between my toes as we hauled the dinghy onshore. Turquoise skies stretched into the horizon and I was in paradise; literally. Four days into my British Virgin Islands spring break adventure and I was a new person. My biggest dilemma was how to carry the 12 Painkiller cocktails I’d ordered back to my friends at the Soggy Dollar Bar, named for the state of your cash after swimming to shore for the famous coconut cream and rum drinks. [fancy_images width="550" height="413"][image alt="Alt Text"][/image][/fancy_images] [margin10] A pile of flip flops lay alone and untouched in a corner of the boat next to my hair dryer and cell phone. Half used bottles of sunscreen littered the saloon and we were all pleasantly crispy by the end of the day. Our motley crew hailed from Canada, San Francisco, Seattle and a lone Norwegian skipper for good measure but everyone agreed that Bob Marley was just perfect for sailing back to the harbor. The sun had begun to set in the cloudless sky as we replayed the day: falling in the sand pit during tug of war, topless chicken fighting, and the demise of the rum punch. The one thing we could all agree on was that we should have won the volleyball tournament. “I mean who doesn’t give it to the team whose cheer is “that’s what she said?” [fancy_images width="550" height="367"][image alt="Alt Text"][/image][/fancy_images] [clearboth]

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