Over 500 bookings in the First 24 Hours... Thank You!

Erik Biörklund

By Erik Biörklund

Posted on 3rd December 2012

What an overwhelming start to the coming year. The bookings were opened on Saturday night and within 24 hours 500 yachts were booked! We are AMAZED by the overwhelming demand. It's always nerveracking to see if we could repeat last years opening and we ended up almost doubling the number of bookings from last year. Thanks to all of you! Some fun facts: More than 50,000 people visited us online the past week A total of 22264 feet were booked during this time People from 38 countries have been booking Top 5 countries are 1) US 2) Australia 3) UK 4) Canada 5) Netherlands We got almost 1000 people coming from Australia, 200 from Brazil We also had the first walk-in customer, Karel Macura, who came in to the office during the opening night! [margin10] [clearboth]

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