What are you doing for New Year!?

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 28th December 2012

[fancy_images width="580" height="387"][image alt="Alt Text"]http://assets.theyachtweek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/419852_10150671021249516_1016589790_n.jpg[/image][/fancy_images] Winter: The coldest season of the year that tends to be associated with blizzards, pasty-white skin, coats, thick leggings, snow, rain and ice. The Yacht Week: A year long season that tends to be associated with sailing trips, warm weather, bikinis, sun-tans and Swedish house music. Two friends discussed how they would be bringing in the new year. One of them decided that 2013 would be a year to remember. The only way to really celebrate the beginning of it would be to do something different, something big. From what she recalled, every past new year celebration seemed to involve a plan that created nothing but an overrated sense of excitement that turned out to be a disappointment. She wanted a plan that would allow her to dance amidst palm trees, meet new people, swim, feel the sea, and leave with her skin 10 shades darker than when she had arrived. So, it was time to mix it up a bit and book a boat with The Yacht Week in the British Virgin Islands. If any of you can relate to the story mentioned above, you are ready to embark on a sun-splendid adventure to celebrate the New Year. The Yacht Week is more than excited to kick off their first event of 2013 in the BVI's. Bring your bikinis, tanning lotion, sandals, and beach towels. Wrapped up in scarves and winter wool while sitting by the fireplace, some of you may be snoozing off already into your dream that is soon to become a reality. Say goodbye for now to the cold and long days of winter as the energetic beats of house music tap you on the shoulder to get up and dance in the warmth of the Caribbean air. Wake up and smell the coconuts, The Yacht Week is taking you to the BVI's! [fancy_images width="580" height="387"][image alt="Alt Text"]http://assets.theyachtweek.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/524454_10150695607139516_39547416_n.jpg[/image][/fancy_images] [clearboth]

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