The Health Benefits of Sailing Part 2

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 6th November 2013

Yep that’s right we’ve got more and it’s not just us pumping your tires, these are the facts! When sailing, activating your muscles happens on a daily basis.  Don’t believe it? Think about hoisting the main sail or jib. It requires you to use your arms, core and legs in order to fight against the wind, to get that sail up. Doing this a number of times also builds endurance, enabling the process to become easier over time. Swimming happens when you’re yachting, no questions asked! So whether you get pushed in or penguin dive off the side of your yacht, make the most of it cause it’s a great workout too! It tones the whole body by acting as a resistant, which builds muscle mass and stamina. When you submerge yourself in the water your body only carries 10% of your weight decreasing the impact of each movement, which makes the exercise gentle on your body as well. And how about all that dancing! Girls in heels, you’re stimulating your core and strengthening your legs and butt in order to keep yourselves up, moving and looking good. Meanwhile, you boys are strengthening their arms with each fist pump that punches the air.  Further core strengthening, can also come from the task of getting to and from the yacht on a thin plank, or the rocking of the boat. Your sea legs kick in really fast when your about to take a spill over the edge! But to ensure that doesn’t happen remember to keep the stomach muscles activated. It will ensure better balance and stability the longer you spend on the ocean…and a better chance of keeping dry-er. [clearboth]
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