TYW Skipper Manager Explains the Differences Between Yacht Types

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Posted on 28th November 2013

Bookings are approaching and the anticipation is killing us, so we can only imagine how you feel! To reduce confusion we have asked Leo, TYW's Skipper Manager, to explain the difference between the various yacht types. Hopefully this helps you make the most suitable choice for your upcoming sailing trip... TYW:Ok lets jump right in! What are the different categories of yachts that guests can book on TYW? Leo:TYW offers four kinds of yachts. There are cruisers, performance yachts, catamarans and TYW’s Special Edition fleet. TYW:What type of sailing experience would guests have if they were to book a cruiser? Leo:Cruisers are for guests who want to sail with out a care in the world. They have big cockpits and hulls, making them spacious and comfortable. They are also engineered to be easy to handle. Cruisers will sail from one location to the next at a slow and stable pace, literally lulling guests into relaxation. TYW:How about performance yachts, what type of sailing experience would those provide? Leo:Performance yachts are exciting and lively! You are in for a true sailing experience if you book one of those. They are speedy and quick to react, which makes every sail thrilling! 

TYW:Do catamarans provide an exciting experience as well? Leo:In comparison to a performance yacht, catamarans are made for a more relaxing sail. The catamarans size and design makes the yachts stable, and a little difficult to manoeuvre. They are big, spacious, great for large groups and probably the most deluxe yachts listed. Cabins are generally large and the kitchen area is nice. A popular feature that guests likes to take advantage of is the net located at the bow of the yacht, by either using it as a trampoline or a tanning bed. TYW:And what do you consider special about TYW’s Special Edition fleet? Leo:The Salona 44s are awesome! Basically they are the best of everything combined! Salona 44s are fast like the performance yachts, but with large cockpits that have high quality sound systems, that I recommend you take advantage of! You can also find key features in the cockpit like drink holders, an icebox, and night lighting, which will ensure the party keeps going all day and night! Over all the Salona 44s have been tailored to include everything that will make guests' yachting experience even more fun then it already is!

TYW:Nice, that sounds amazing! So which yacht brand falls under which category? Leo:If you are looking at booking a cruiser, then you would want a Bavaria, Benteau, Jeanneau or Elan. The performance yachts are Hanses, Dufours, Grand Soleils and Salonas …excluding the Salona 44s, those ones are a Special Edition fleet! TYW:Great! Do you have any final words before saturday sign-ups open? Leo:Ya, everyone should know that no matter what yacht they book, they are going to have one of the best times of their life!   

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