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Posted on 11th March 2014

Guys, as our mothers told us, accept good advice when it's offered and listen to what resident blogger, Sara, has to say regarding fashion on the dockside.

What to pack...

It's a no-brainer. Nobody suits a lobster face.
Come on boys, swimwear doesn’t have to be a trial – there are plenty of great European brands doing tasteful swimmers for men these days. Take the ultra baggy Billabong boardies and lycra to the charity shop and check out Vilebrequin, Orlebar Brown and Paul Smith for a selection of cotton swim-shorts in various tan-enhancing pastel hues and stripes.
Linen shirts and deck shoes. Sperry Top-Siders worn with good quality cream, navy or black linen shirts and pastel chino’s or shorts make summer dressing a breeze.
Beach Toys
Break the ice with an inflatable beach ball, frisbee or a pair of bats and a ball. Just save them for on-shore games or you’ll be returning home without them!

What not to pack...

Approach the following articles with EXTREME CAUTION:
  • Jesus sandals
  • Wife-beaters
  • Deep V-necks
  • Slogan T-shirts
  • Excessively thick/dark bodily hair
  • Reflective sunglasses
NB: Any/all of the above can work on the right person. If in doubt, just avoid.
You might love your latest iGizmo or souped-up techno camera like a newborn baby, but King Tritans’ great underworld kingdom doesn’t have a lost property office. If it’s worth more than you’d be willing to give away, don’t bring it.
Nobody cares how much you spent on that super shiny pair of shades, leather monogrammed carry-case or velvet brogues. Leave your ego behind and your judgement at the shore – TYW is a place to relax and escape from the pressures at home. [clearboth]

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