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Posted on 13th October 2014

Bookings for the Summer 2015 open on Monday October 27th at 6pm GMT and yachts are going to go fast! We are expecting our biggest summer yet and to help make sure you get your spot, here are some tips from TYW team:


Every trip is only as good as the company you’re with, so make sure you have the right crew to make TYW as good as it can be. Bring only the sun-seeking adventurers and start preparing for the best summer yet.

Make sure you have the right ratio of guys and girls! We want to make sure you have the best time at our events, and that means meeting the specific ratio for the week you book so that the event you're on ends up being 50/50 guys and gals overall. Trust us, you’ll be thankful!

If you're two people travelling, why not check out our cabin bookings, which comes with everything included for the week (minus the getting there bit).


With TYW in four locations this summer - Italy, Greece, Croatia and Ultra Europe - you need to make sure you choose the right one for you and your friends. Each destination is unique in its own way and might be surmised as:

ITALY - the most exclusive of all the destinations, where TYW meets the Italian jet in a stunning archipelago of volcanic islands with c. 15-20 yachts per week. It goes without saying, but the food is next level... Watch the trailer.

CROATIA - with up to 50 yachts per week, per route (we offer the Black and Red Route in Croatia), the original destination is calling us back year after year for great sailing, big parties and stunning coastal towns.

GREECE - somewhere between Croatia and Italy in terms of flotilla size, the Greece route was one of the most popular in 2014 and we can't wait to show more Yacht Weekers why this place is so special. Watch the trailer.

ULTRA EUROPE - now in our 3rd year of partnering with Europe's premier EDM festival, this route will suit those sun seekers looking to experience some of the biggest DJ's on the planet from a VIP promontory whilst experience the best of TYW. Watch the trailer.


Having the perfect yacht for your group is essential! Do you want space or is price the most important? To help you decipher the difference between the yachts available, check this out:

Catamaran - twin-hulled yachts made for a more relaxing sail. The catamaran's size and design makes the yacht stable and a little difficult to manoeuvre. They are big, spacious, great for large groups and some of the most luxurious yachts listed. Cabins are generally large and the kitchen area is nice. A popular feature that guests like to take advantage of is the net located at the bow of the yacht, typically using it as a tanning bed!

Cruisers - monohull yachts for guests who want to sail without a care in the world. They have big cockpits and hulls, making them spacious and comfortable. They are also engineered to be easy to handle. Cruisers will sail from one location to the next at a slow and stable pace, literally lulling guests into relaxation. Makes to look out for: Bavaria, Beneteau, Jeanneau or Elan.

Performance - these yachts are exciting and lively! You are in for a true sailing experience if you book one of these. They are quick and responsive through the water, which makes every sail thrilling! Makes to look our for: Hanse, Dufour, Grand Soleil and Salona.


Can’t sail? No problem! We have a team of experienced skippers from all over the world that can take care of that while you island hop and soak up the sun.


Want to completely relax? Leave the cooking and grocery shopping to our trained hostesses. We want you to have the best and most comfortable experience, so let them handle the lunch while you sip that freshly made cocktail as you sail by day and party by night.


TYW Wristband is the only way to access all the exclusive events during your vacation. We send in world renowned DJ's and use only the best venues to ensure you are dancing from dusk til dawn. As of 2015, the wristband now comes included in the yacht package.

7. READY... SET... BOOK!

Bookings open Monday October 27th at 6pm GMT. We recommend knowing exactly what destination, week and yacht you want so that when bookings open you are as slick as a Mozart on the keyboard to book!


You’ve now booked your spot in joining us for the biggest summer event yet, so get excited and ready for the best week of your life.

Booked but too excited to wait until summer to experience TYW? We’ve got you covered! Our routes in Thailand and the British Virgin Islands are happening this winter and spring and booking are still open! Otherwise, like us on Facebook to be kept up-to-date on all our international parties that we throw year round in over 20 different countries.

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