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Posted on 15th January 2015

YACHT WEEK GROUP If sun-kissed skin is but a hazy memory and your shades are rapidly gathering dust then it's time to stop bemoaning your winter worn condition and escape to a tropical nirvana this March. Allow the sea to gently rock you into a state of seafarer's bliss and relax as the sun skillfully contours your glistening limbs. The volcanic islands, lovingly created by earth's core are packed with swashbuckling drinking dens, ample stretches of glimmering white sands and mysterious magical phenomenons such as bubbling jacuzzis that appear and disappear in line with the island's tidal rhythms. NORMAN ISLAND
Snack sized route info
The route's first calling point is Norman Island, the tropical hunk of land that inspired Robert Louis Stevenson to pen Treasure Island. The coastline of the island is embellished with caves tucked behind rocky outcrops once used as stop-over points for pirate ships looking to keep a low profile in between quests. Today the cavernous pools retain their restorative qualities, unwind as your 'to do' list is quickly dissolved into: Relax, kick back and enjoy the tide. For evening time tomfoolery, head to the island's infamous Willy T's, the floating bar and restaurant which cultivates unforgettable memories day in, day out. Hawaii BVI
Jost Van Dyke
JVD is petite Eden-esque island, so small that it once disappeared from the map owing to Captain John Walton's 17th century questionable map drawing skills. Today the BVI's very own bonsai island makes up in personality for what it lacks in size. Foxy, an island legend, opened his bar of the same name on JVD in the 1960s. Now his bar is of equally mythical status. Foxy know's a thing or two about hospitality; his bar never runs dry (the extended tikki shack has it's very own micro-brewery) he always keeps guests entertained by bursting into calypso songs, telling jokes and expounding island tales. bvi blog post nye
Kaleidoscopic Reefs and Wreck Diving
Take full advantage of the BVI's snorkelling and diving spots throughout the week. Our New Year guests reported organised diving excursions and sub aqua explorations of a shipwreck. Those more suited to snorkeling will find Virgin Gorda's unusual geolgical rock formation 'The Baths,' to be the perfect aquatic playground: vast granite boulders lie in piles on the beach, the perfect habitat for reef fish and turtles.
Feeling Inspired?
The next opportunity for a BVI adventure is just around the corner and yachts are selling out fast. There will be 3 opportunities to join us in March with weeks beginning on the 7th, 14th and 21st of March. So, what are you waiting for...
Join the endless summer now!
BVI IMAGE Images: Andrew Goble Text: Laura Goodson Contributors: Oggi Fitz & Jamie Hunt

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