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Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 5th March 2015

A hostess will take your trip to the next level of relaxation; doing the food shop, helping with the cleaning and whipping up some tasty treats. Guiding you and your crew safely through the bewildering array of fresh Mediterranean produce. Curating delicious marine meals for you and your mates to savour; from the tangiest tomatoes to the richest sun-kissed olives. Don't believe us? Scroll down for a taste of what could be coming your way.
1. Food with a view.
Taste the high life with a marine meal; parma ham, fresh mozzarella and peppery rocket come together and served above the sea bed. hostess_01 photo: Fabian Wester
2.¡Hot in Herre!
Guacamole, quesadillas and roasted tomato salsa. Some spicy food to ensure your radiating contagious charisma lasts from dawn till dusk. hostess_02 photo: Fabian Wester
3. Bohemian Rhapsody.
The wrap is the humble sandwich's sassy older sister and the foodie's version of lego. Build yours to the gentle rock of the waves. hostess_03 photo: Fabian Wester
4. Eggstacy!
Supercharge your morning and start your day with some delightfully fluffy scrambled eggs, succulent tomatoes and a smattering of cracked black pepper. hostess_04 photo: Fabian Wester
5. When life gives you melons, Hostesses make melonaid.
That constitutes a perfectly refreshing watermelon based cocktail; the perfect holiday nectar. hostess_05 photo: Fabian Wester
6. Release the Dragon.
The dragon fuit only flowers underneath a full moon; this bewitching fruit is on par with a glossy dark red pout in the glamour stakes. hostess_06 photo: Fabian Wester
7. Pas'ta banter
Food has a curious way of fueling fun. Book a hostess and watch the mercury rise on the fun-o-meter. hostess_08 photo: Marcus Olsson
8. Tuna down for yacht.
This glorious pasticcio of eggs, tuna and olives will pack you with the nutrients you need for that beach babe glow you've been pining for. hostess_09 photo: Fabian Wester
9. It's the small things in life.
Because sometimes less is more. For a perfect little bite of paradise, try some Italian melt-in-the-mouth brushcetta. hostess_10 photo: Arron Leppard
10. Keep it unreal.
Dine like Kings and Queens; the bigger your budget, the bigger the bang. Ensure yours is the alpha yacht this summer and grant your hostess the liberty to create magical dishes. hostess_11 photo: Fabian Wester
11. Do knot tie up your hostess
Let's tie up this post with how NOT to treat your Hostess. Remember, like a Skipper, the Hostess will become part of the crew and take up a space on your yacht. She will fuse together dreamy dishes, fun and friendship to ensure your holiday is nothing short of a real life fantasy from start to finish. hostess_12 photo: Marcus Olsson Email to secure your hostess now.

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