TYW Style File 2014

March 23, 2015

Fancy yourself as a bit of a style maverick?

Scroll down to view the most stylish shots of the beautiful people that graced our decks in 2014. Take note: your sartorial choices could earn you a place in our 2015 edit - so what are you waiting for? Get your yacht and we'll see you port side.

1. Underwater Baywatch Beauties

Been sweating it out in the gym? Baywatch is always in vogue. Unleash your inner Pamela with a fiercely sexy red bathing suit.

baywatch tyw
photo: Arron Leppard

2. Stripe a Pose

Ahoy sailor! Pair mirrored shades with nautical stripes: when vanity strikes, simply whip them off, peer into the lenses and rest assured that you're still Prince Charming.

photo: Arron Leppard

3.Get Matchy-Matchy

Love a gimmick? So do we, there’s nothing like uniting your crew with a fun accessory. Add a splash of colour to your outfit with one of these *totes* adorbs Pingu inspired phone covers.

Pingu posers
photo: Fabian Wester

4.Birds of Paradise

Blessed with golden locks? Perfectly sun kissed skin, slinky body to boot? No? Me neither. But if you are one of the privileged few, dare to bare in canary yellow. This hot hue is sure to turn heads.

black and yellow
photo: Fredrik Nystedt

5. We Like Short Shorts

Show off perfectly honed pins in a pair of denim cut-offs. Be sure to don your favourite pair whilst strutting down the promenade. Distressed? Bleached? Patterned? Embellished? Whatever floats your boat.

tyw_-6006 (1)
photo: Fabian Wester

6. Get Fruity

Leave your strict Ralph Lauren style philosophy at the dock and opt for something a little more light-hearted. Clothe your bottom half with a pineappley print and you are sure to be a talking point among the ladies.

photo: Fabian Wester

7. Make some noise with your TYW (fabric) band

Leave your expensive metals at home and wear your TYW band with pride. For extra style points follow this lady’s lead and co-ordinate your beach cover up with your TYW wrist candy to ensure you are THE belle of the beach.

purple girl
photo: Fabian Wester

8. All White on the Night

White is the perfect complement to sun glazed skin, a passport to angelic beauty and a stamp of meticulous sophistication. TYW White Parties are a firm favourite, be sure to pack this heavenly homage.

photo: Fabian Wester

9.The Power of the Flower

Don’t be beige. Throw somber shades out of the porthole and show your true colours in a fabulously floral ensemble. Accentuate the look with a garland on the wrist for some perfect tropical charm.

photo: Fabian Wester

10. Feel like you're flagging?

If style indecision has washed over you like a tidal wave, here’s a little Yacht Week tip. Grab that flag that’s been advertising your homeland like a billboard all week and swaddle yourself in national pride. Accentuate the waist with some old rope and VOILA, you’ll be oozing Olympic medal podium chic.

photo: Arron Leppard

11. Purrfect Feline Prints

Nothing screams feisty like leopard print. Team with some cat eye sunglasses and you’ll be all set to prowl the pier with SASS.

baywatch tyw
photo: Fredrik Nystedt

12. Colourful Crochet

Channel your inner boho babe with some vibrant crochet garms. Match with your bestie for a perfect Karlie Kloss/Taylor Swift BFF vibe.

baywatch tyw
photo: Arron Leppard

13. Get Ahead with a Visor

Keep the sun’s unwanted side effects at bay and invest in some protective head gear. Caps, visors and sunhats will ensure that you’re werkin’ it all week long.

photo: Mattias Alm

14.Haute Couthair

Did 2014 see you dabbling in the art of man-bunnery? Make 2015 the year of facial topiary. Beware; menvy may ensue.

photo: Fabian Wester

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