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The Yacht Week

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Posted on 13th October 2015

This year The Yacht Week had our first taste of true Turkish Delight with a pioneering voyage around the rural Turquoise Route. Amongst the whispers in the aftermath, we've heard guests say: ‘50 Shades of Turquoise would have been a more fitting route name.' Arguably the best feedback we've had all year. A huge thanks to Nick and Gabs from Unit 9 Films, who vividly captured the first sparks of a Summer romance between The Yacht Week and Turkey. It's time to impress those pupils. New Turkey Trailer 2015 turkey_videoimage4 We caught up with Nick and Gabs to get a deeper insight into their filming experience in Turkey, let's see what this dynamic duo had to say for themselves: As virgin Yacht Weekers what were your initial thoughts? N&G: We had heard a lot about The Yacht Week but we didn’t really know what to expect. But I honestly think we got way more than what we had expected! It was just awesome. 11838914_10153555890469516_7427520748703480346_o What’s the story and inspiration behind the trailer? N&G: It was more about capturing the essence of The Yacht Week and Turkey simultaneously rather than having a structured story line. We focused more on how we were going to join this collection of moments together. So, we continuously strived to find new and interesting ways to transition these snapshots of Turkey. What was it like filming TYW in Turkey? N&G: Everything is so beautiful and picturesque, with the small secluded bays and 35 degree weather... It made our job easy, we basically just had to switch the camera on. Turkey spoke for itself. We had to keep reminding ourselves that it was not a holiday, we were there to work. But we got most of our chill (tanning) time whilst we were sailing because we got a lot of sailing footage from the first day. But crunch time came when we docked at each new spot, we would hop off and scout the surroundings and meet new people to see what we could work with. 11802774_10153555884454516_5216194775094541274_o What did you love most about Turkey? Turkey is one of the least famous places to go on holiday within that part of the Mediterranean. I mean you have Greece, Italy, etc. right next door and those are the ones that everyone raves about. But that was the appeal for us, I was surprised by how beautifully remote and intimate everything was. I can only compare Turkey to what I imagine other routes to be like, but I can sense from what everyone else was saying there was a way more intimate environment, which meant the parties became really exclusive to Yacht Weekers and everyone became so close.  Each different destination has its own quirks, Turkey has a unique way of welcoming people, the landscapes are their own - seeing minarets dotted around and the general Asian aura Turkey gave off was great. I think that was the most beautiful part about the trip. And, of course, you have the Turkish hospitality, people are so nice and welcoming. It really is a thing: The Turkish hospitality. 11807400_10153555939444516_4826267679051303839_o What do you think makes your video unique to other TYW videos? N&G: The Yacht Week has a good standard of videos, and because this was the inaugural event for Turkey, we were trying to capture Turkey above, I guess, everything else. Capturing all the awesome parties and people was important, but even more importantly, highlighting the rich earthy tones of Turkey and the beauty of travelling to whole new place, a culture which is probably very different from the places most guests come from. Overall, your favourite part?  N&G: The Turkish sunsets. We were sailing from island and island in the evening and the water was completely flat like glass. It had that mirror effect and reflected the sunset off the water. 11844953_10153555942489516_8678974812422259659_o Some exciting news: Such was the great feedback from you guys, we have decided to open Turkey to everyone for four weeks next year. Hoorah! Next year's summer bookings open in two weeks! If you haven't done so already, check out all the details about the Turkish event here. We think you'll like it!

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