Finding the Right Route For You

January 17, 2017

We're human. We're different by definition. But we're all escape artists. We may have our own ideals when it comes to intrepid adventures... For some, it may be to form new friendships or the simple satisfaction of sailing; for others it may be the freedom of forgetting the daily treadmill of life and adopting a tropical state of mind... but really, we're all just looking to have a bloody good time.

Whatever you choose to write in your 2017 adventure handbook, we can assure you that at least one of our summer routes will suit your style. To help you pick your paradise, we asked our skippers, hostesses and extended Yacht Week family what they thought each destination was most famous for. Take your pick:

Caribbean, British Virgin Islands Route 

Most famous for: Activities 

If balmy days, beach bars and power naps in hammocks are what you’re after; our Caribbean route set in the British Virgin Islands is perfect for you. Dance to calypso, feast on crayfish BBQs and enjoy living on island time for a week in spring. Sail the Caribbean.



Croatia, Original Route 

Most famous for: Night Life

The one you've seen in all the pictures, Croatia is the spiritual and festive home of The Yacht Week with more yachts than any other route. Famous for its insane night life and record breaking circle rafts. Sail Croatia.



Greece, Athens Route

Most famous for: Day Parties 

Who doesn't love a day in the ocean, iced drink in hand and best friends frolicking by your side? Greece really does have it all, but it's the day parties that bring waves of people to the seaside! Dotted with gorgeous car-free islands, historical masterpieces and lavish venues... it's no wonder this route is giving Croatia a run for its money. Sail Greece.



Italy, Sicily Route

Most famous for: Culture

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful routes in our repertoire. Let your worries slip away into the cobalt blue waters, smoking volcanic craters and bottomless plates of pasta. Italy is the ultimate balance of party, peace and exploration. Sail Italy.



Croatia, Ultra Festival Route 

Most famous for: Night Life

Ever sailed to a festival before? Moments like these only come around once a year. It's the ultimate combination: Sail by day. Party by night. Ultra falls over two weeks, you can either go Week 28 which begins as the Croatia route and ends with Ultra in Split on Friday. Or Week 29 which begins with Ultra in Split on Saturday and Sunday and continues on the Croatia route with a stop at Ultra Beach. Sail Croatia, Ultra.



Montenegro, Adriatic Route

Most famous for: Culture

Sail through a medieval time capsule to an ochre-coloured world which, despite its close proximity to Croatia, has remained refreshingly under-the-radar, but it won't remain a secret for long. Dappled with hidden caves and mesmerising look-out points. Sail Montenegro. 



Spain, Mallorca Route 

Most famous for: Sailing

Mallorca's lurid blue waters and bone-white beaches are enticing enough to lure any sun chaser to its unique shores. It certainly convinced us enough to add this route to our collection. Art shops, tapas bars and fine gelaterias are a few of our favourite things in Mallorca. Enjoy! Sail Spain. 



Ready to begin writing your summer story? Check out our destination guide for more info. See you somewhere under the sun, hopefully!