Download our App

May 19, 2017

Download 'The Week' app for iPhone or Android and stay in the know whilst on our events. This will be our main communication tool whilst on the event so it's important you download it. 

App features:

  • Share photos with your fellow guests, comment and like

  • Check the latest itinerary and information for your event

  • Receive updates from staff

  • Connect with other people on your event

How to sign up: 

NB: The app will be available 3 weeks prior to the event

  1. Download the app

  2. Log in with Facebook (Yes you need a Facebook account)

  3. It will automagically link with your TYW account

  4. If that fails you need to enter your TYW email address

  5. An activation link will be sent to that email

  6. Open the link in your mobile

  7. Voila! You're in. If not contact support and we will hook you up. 


The Week iOS App The Week Android App