Guest Skipper Info

May 18, 2017

Here you'll find some practical advice for guest skippers.

Daily Skipper Meeting

There are daily skipper meetings in the morning to inform you about the itinerary for the day. It is essential you attend these. Don’t be afraid to ask the other skippers any questions, they will gladly assist you with anything you need.

Respect the Locals

Local authorities will ban yachts from harbours and not welcome The Yacht Week back in future if they make too much noise. So please keep the music levels low when docked and don't play music after 10pm.

Yacht Documents

The yacht documents are original documents. Do not forget them at harbour offices. You probably won’t have to use them during the week so leave them inside your chart table.

Use Anchor Chain

Use as much anchor chain as possible. Our recommendation is to use a minimum of 4 times the depth. (Ex. 10m deep = 40m chain.) Always keep the engine running when you maneuver the windlass.

Don't Be Late

We are in high season and in many places you have to get in early if you want a spot in a marina or natural bay. As a rule of thumb it’s good to arrive before 4pm. Make sure you are anchored before sundown!

Check Water Tank Levels

Check the water levels on a regular basis. If you run out of water you have to turn OFF the freshwater pump, it will be damaged if run dry. Give the crew some advice on how to keep the water consumption as low as possible.

Toilet Paper

If someone puts paper in the toilet and it becomes clogged there will be a hefty fine.

Don't lose to the dinghy (tender boat)

You will sometimes have to dinghy your guests to shore. Make sure you secure your dinghy both with a rope and a lock. Do not steal another skipper's/crew's dinghy.

Towing Your Dinghy

Don’t tow the tender with outboard engine mounted on, especially if it is 4-stroke engine (can be flipped and sea water can drain engine).

Lost Fenders and Equipment

Keep an eye on all of your equipment and make sure that everyone on the yacht understands the price and cost of damages to the equipment.

Be Nice to the Engine

Don’t run the engine above the recommended RPM when you use it. Ask what the recommendation is for the engine when you are given your check-in walk through.

Sound System

Don’t blow the speakers on the yacht. Agree on a maximum level and tell everyone on board not to exceed it.

Mast is for Sailing not Playing

In previous years there has been some personal and yacht damages due to people climbing and jumping from the mast. If you fall it can end badly. Be careful.

Close Windows When Sailing

If you forget, ropes might get stuck on the deck and tear off the windows.

Don't Forget the Papers and/Cables/Hoses

When you leave a marina remember to pick up your yacht papers from the marina offices when you pay the bill and to take back any electric cables or water hoses you might have on the pier/quay. Otherwise you have to go back and pick them up.

Red Wine - Red Deck

Be careful with red wine - it can leave dark stains on the deck!


Refuel at your starting marina when you return on the final Saturday. Ask one of TYW skippers where the best place is to refuel.