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Posted on 1st June 2017

We are an open-minded community of friends. One that respects the environment and are incredibly lucky to experience some of the world's most beautiful locations. We are committed to keeping them that way, so we expect our guests to follow 4 simple principles:

1. Respect the Local Community ?

Take your trip with wide arms and an open heart; party hard and tread lightly. Embrace everything and everyone around you.  

Being a tourist is a privilege, so treat the local community with respect and decency. We are here to have a good time but let's not do anything crazy that might not allow us back next year... in other words: keep it classy.

Music on the yachts after 10pm is a big no no - the locals might have different taste to you and it’s not a seven day weekend for them.

2. Respect the Environment ?

We've come up with 3 tips that will help protect our environment and oceans, after all it is the source of every second breath we take:

i. Reduce Your Use of Plastic

Rather than buying cases of bottled water, buy fewer of the large containers and drink from your own water bottles.

ii. Sail Rather than Cruise

The silence of sailing beats the humdrum of a motor any day. All the carbon we put into the air goes straight into the ocean which causes the water to become acidic, corals to bleach white, ocean temperatures rise… all the bad things.

iii. Don't Throw Anything Overboard

Nothing should be thrown overboard and all rubbish should go into a trash bag immediately to avoid it blowing into the sea. If you bring floaties, make sure they don't drift off and get lost at sea.

3. Respect Each Other ?

TYW is a smorgasbord of wonderful people from all over the world, which makes our community so special – embrace it!

Invite new people on to your yacht and get to know each other. But be careful when walking between yachts, the etiquette is to always pass via the front (bow) and not through the cockpit.

4. Respect the Yachts ⛵️

We charter the newest yachts available and we would like to keep it that way. Look after your floating home and she'll look after you.

Safety Advice

  1. Listen to your skipper, they are in charge of the yacht and your safety. If you want to help sailing, ask them, and they would be happy to teach you the ropes!

  2. The dinghy is not toy. Don't attempt to drive it unless the skipper says.

  3. Please don't untie any rope, string or halyard if you are unsure what they are. These are a skippers pride and joy.

  4. Never jump off a moving yacht.

  5. The gas cooker must not be left unattended when in use. Turn the gas tap off when not in use.

  6. Don't jump between yachts, rather step and only do so when they are stationary and secured together.

  7. Night swimming is a big no no in marinas and ports.

  8. Only use fenders to fend off the yacht, never use any part of your body, even if the sun's out and the guns are too.

  9. Paper thrown down the toilet causes blockages and a hefty fine, use the trash instead.

  10. Yacht windows are the same as normal windows. If jumped on they will break.

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