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Posted on 16th January 2018

Picking and booking a yacht can be a helluva daunting task ? It’s easy to get overwhelmed. There’s all sorts of things to consider; age, length, whether it has a fancy name or not etc.

Simply choose the easy booking option and we’ll select the perfect yacht for you at the best price, from €550 pp.   And then there’s the fact that, as globetrotters, we’re forced to balance our getaway goals with our budgets and time restrictions each year. Woe is us (and it shouldn’t be) ✋?

With this in mind, we’ve created a brand new way of booking Croatia - just in time for your 2018 summer travels!


Introducing: the easiest, the fastest and the smoothest way of booking Croatia ?

Step 1: Select Croatia as your destination. Step 2: Choose the easy booking option. Step 3: Select which week you'd like to sail on. (Yachts booked on the same week will always be the same price. There are three prices due to seasonal demand). Step 4: Book your standard 4 cabin yacht & we'll select the perfect one for you! Rest ashored, each standard yacht will:
  • Accommodate 4 cabins (9 guests)
  • Be a 2013 yacht or newer
  • Include a skipper
  • Be the best boat for your buck

You’ll find out which of the four marinas in Croatia your yacht is waiting at previous to your departure and which yacht is yours on the day that you arrive. It will be a standard surprise of sorts. You will have the option to include a hostess in your easy booking, however, you’ll have to factor this into your yacht’s total capacity.

Most importantly, it will be your stylish new home for the week.

By choosing the easy option, you are essentially saying yes to enjoying more affordable, efficient and stress-free sailing adventures ⛵️

Embrace spontaneity, enjoy the fruits of our labor and happy booking, you treats!


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