What they say about us

January 17, 2018

Press quotes from past years.

“Providing the best of both the sailing and music worlds, The Yacht Week and Ultra Europe partnership is an experience you don’t want to miss.” - Suitcase


“Want to go off course to have lunch off the coast of Poseidon's temple ruins, or have a quick dip near uninhabited islands? No problem. They know all the best off-the-beaten-track spots.” - Independent


“Spend a week party-hopping across the British Virgin Islands via The Yacht Week. You can bet your floral arrangements on a few blow-your-mind boat parties.” - Glamour


“Parties? Check. Island? Check. Boatloads of similarly minded folk up for some booze-fuelled jokes? Check, check, check.” - Escapism


“We’re not sure if there’s an award for the world’s sexiest travel product, but if there is, The Yacht Week deserves it!” - Hero Travel


“The mushroom effect of interest from the Facebook and Instagram posts that are irresistibly appealing has allowed what was simply a week-long party of island-hopping in Croatia to expand to 45 routes across six countries, including Italy, Spain and The Caribbean.” Jack Wills


“Sun, sea and lots of boats: Welcome to The Yacht Week” The Tab


“An exclusive seven-day, spring break-like flotilla for kind-of grownups that involves sailboats, exotic locales, and hard-partying young people from around the world.” - Thrillist


“It has made yachting vacations hip and accessible to water loving holiday seekers who are not necessarily millionaires with private yachts of their own.” - World Travel Magazine


“For a taste of what life might be like once you’ve made it, try chartering a yacht in the Adriatic. Its USP is the non-VIP price tag.” - Metro


“The sun setting over the Adriatic Sea is a beautiful thing. Make sure you take the time to enjoy one along the way. The best way is with your feet dangling overboard in good company!” - Pacifico Optical