6 ways to do TYW on a budget

Enjoy the high life at low prices.

Often find yourself scrolling through your social feed, daydreaming about faraway islands, inspiring underwater installations and life-changing sailing adventures? Then you wake up, check your bank balance and… dammit. Fortunately for you, we want to make The Yacht Week experience accessible for all; travelers, backpackers, and people with a small summer budget alike. If you're clever aboat it, you can discover a world of luxury at a fraction of the usual price.  

1. Go self-catered

You heard correct. We’ve brought out self-catered cabins for the independent traveler that wants to get back to basics and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty. While this means no Hostess treating you to freshly prepared meals every day, it also means you have complete control over the kitchen. Explore more, venture to little trattorias, order as the locals do, buy local produce, get crafty in the kitchen and not only will you be saving spends, you’ll also be getting a taste of cultural authenticity. If your cooking skills aren’t up to scratch then pizza never disappoints? Cheap too! Exclusive to Croatia.  

2. Pay a select price & we’ll select the best yacht for you

Our easy booking option plays on the element of surprise. Simply say yes to spontaneity, book Croatia through our easy booking option and we’ll select the perfect yacht for you at the best price, from €550 pp. By far the best boat for your buck. Exclusive to Croatia.  

3. Pay in 3 instalments

We’ve devised a brand spanking new payment plan where you can book now and pay the rest later, just like that. Don’t splash all of the cash at once. Split the cost of your sail instead:
  • When you book your yacht, you pay the first 10% of the total cost of the booking within 24 hours.
  • No later than 30 days afterward, 40% of the total cost must be paid.
  • Then the grand 100% must be paid no later than 70 days before the event begins.
Side-note: Should you wish to cancel within 24 hours of booking (not that you’d ever want to), the 10% deposit is fully refundable.  

4. Split it with friends

Don’t take the main hit. Pay your share and then split the rest evenly with your pals. After booking and paying the initial 10%, the lead booker can invite all crew members to the booking. Each crew member can then access the booking through their own profile to pay their way. Side-note: the lead booker is responsible to ensure all payments are paid on time.  

5. Be savvy about flights

A few facts for you: From the US: The rule of thumb for traveling to Europe suggests that 90-100 days before trip start day is the best time to buy your ticket. This is the beginning of the “prime booking window”, which is the best time to book flights for high season destinations from the US. From Europe: The rule of thumb for traveling to Greece/Croatia is to book as early as possible. Prices are generally very low but slowly edge higher over time. From Australia: It’s generally best to book around 2-4 months before the trip, although when flying from Sydney prices stay fairly constant regardless of when you book. Overall, it’s much cheaper to travel early June and late August, and more expensive to fly early July. So much so, flights are often half the price of those in July. Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are generally the cheapest days to travel no matter when in the summer. Google Flights is a great tool through which you can track prices and book with confidence. We recommend using it! And remember, flying is not the only way to get from A to B. Have you ever thought about hiring a van with your crew and road-tripping your way to The Yacht Week? We’re all for the #vanlife.  

6. Preparation is key

It may sound obvious, but pack and prepare well in advance people. The best way to save on your summer wardrobe by far is to raid the sales and then store away the goods until the sun comes back out to play. You already know our two party themes: Tropical Retro and Riviera Chic, find your fancy-dress the creative way and borrow from willing friends. Always make sure to coordinate with your cabin buddy so you can minimize what you need to bring and buy. Make sure you also pack the essentials and stock up on the mainland, as things like water, snacks and other necessities will cost more on the islands. ? And there you have it. You do not need to be rich to travel. Or sail for that matter! Jump aboard and book now!