Announcing: The Buzz Boat Powered by Void

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 19th June 2018

Is it a Bird? Is it a Bee? What happens when you take a beached taxi boat and release TYW’s product team on it? Buckle up and let us tell you about the latest addition to our summer series, our Floating Art Car Arthropod that's creating a ripple effect through our circle raft parties with its banging beats. 🎉

Queue: “The Buzz” 🐝

This winged wonder is roaming the Adriatic with us all summer; giving you that festival feel-good feeling, afloat. Functioning as a free-flow fusion of party sounds and chief vibe of the tide, The Buzz Boat Powered by Void is a welcome addition to our already renowned raft parties. The DJ Boat of Dreams At first glance, our yellow salvage vessel is nought more than a unique visual delicacy created to satisfy sculpture enthusiasts. However, pair the piece with one of our headliner DJs this season, and suddenly we've got a floating day party to end all day parties. Thanks to Void Speakers we have decked The Buzz Boat in the highest quality sound system; taking our raft parties from a mishmash medley of music varying from boat to boat, to the ultimate froth fiesta. The Buzz Boat will be playing host to some incredible DJ’s, such as Applebum and DJ Bladtkramer across all weeks in Croatia, so make sure you join us for the maritime music extravaganza of the year.
A Bit About the Designers  We’ve had the honour of teaming up with Wrekon to create the ultimate spectacle on the seas. Wrekon is the artistic partnership between Debs and Strapper. These talented two collaborate to create large-scale pieces using scrap metal and discarded plastic, favouring figurative subjects - especially animals. We worked closely with Debs and Strapper throughout the entire creative process, from concept to execution. 
Our artwork enhances the visual aspect of an event site whatever the crowd capacity. - Wrekon, Designers
We’re buzzing to see you on the seas and put a little sting in your step this summer ⚡

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