HANX: Partnership

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 20th June 2018

We're proud to partner with the female-run, safe-sex initiative this season, HANX. They've built a brand based on the ethos of 'smashing the stigma,’ through the manufacturing of their 100% natural, Fairtrade and vegan-friendly condoms.   It's likely you will find summer love on The Yacht Week. It might be fleeting or it may be for life, but either way, let's be empowered by our passion people. Look out for the condoms designed by women dotted in bathrooms around the event in Croatia, such as the gorgeous Fort George on Vis Island.  
We wanted to make condoms that we would be proud to buy, use and have in our bags and bathrooms. Ones that are natural. That smell nice. With beautiful packaging. Premium but discrete. Condoms that everyone would be happy to be seen with.  
Read more about the founder's story here. Stay safe sailors and take control, use "TYW" for 35% off any subscription order. ❤  

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