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Posted on 24th June 2018

Fancy yourself a bit of a style maverick? You're in luck. One of this year’s party themes is Riviera Chic. Think French islands circa 1950’s, seen in classic films such as “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. Flip through a few Vogues and channel your inner debonair; this day is one for the photo books. Life is an adventure best explored trendy. Watch this for the ultimate outfit inspo.

How to perfect your Riviera Chic style:

For our ladies: Imagine Audrey Hepburn sailing off to her villa in France looking like the epitome of elegance. While this theme is dripping in glamour you don’t have to spend a fortune to slay this style. For our gents: When prepping your look keep the word 'dapper' in mind. Your outfits should be the perfect mix of carefree and classy, leaving everyone wondering what you day job truly is. Pro tip: By cuffing your pants and undoing a few shirt buttons (emphasis on a few) you can achieve a more beachy look instantly. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories The best part about the Riviera Chic theme is the accessories that go with it. Be bold and take your look to the next level transforming you from 21st century sleek to 1950’s glamour. Ladies: - Floppy hats - Fashionable headscarves - Thick framed retro sunnies - Vintage-stylish earrings - Classic up-do’s Gents: - Classy panama hats - Daring neckerchiefs - Timeless aviators - Spiffy suspenders

Stripe a pose!

Don't be beige. Accent your outfits with classic sailor designs including stylish stripes and nautical colours to achieve an effortlessly chic look. 

Easy, breezy, beautiful

This day party heats up quickly! Temperature and vibe wise. Your outfits should dance in the wind. Whether you’re wearing a trendy dress or linen pants and suspenders, your material should be as cool as possible.

Pro tip to Becoming Insta-Famous

If becoming TYW famous is what you dream of (obvs), please leave those sailor caps on your yachts. It's soo 2017. We promise you’ll have more opportunities to show off your captain status later in the week. So that’s it Yacht Weekers! We hope this list will give you some inspiration to channel your 1950’s Riviera look. Keep your attires simple, sophisticated and classy. Only smooth sailing from here, pop pop cheerio!  

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