New to 2018: Bol Island

Yacht Week

By Yacht Week

Posted on 11th June 2018

We've added a new island to our repertoire this year and are delighted to announce that we'll now be adding the beautiful port town, Bol, to our Croatia route. Located on the southern part of the island Brac, Bol is the oldest and most charming Mediterranean town along the coastline. This beautiful oasis attracts the masses due to its long promenade lined with pines, its small stone houses, narrow winding streets dotted with pink and purple geraniums, and its wide sandy beaches which expand over 10km. Watch this if you don't BOL-ieve us.

6 things to do in Bol

1. Visit Zlatni Rat beach, otherwise known as the "symBOL of the Adriatic." Zlatni Rat is by far the best to visit for team tanning time. This V-shape beach protrudes over 500m out of the Adriatic and is surrounded by crystal clear, deep blue and turquoise water. It's like magic. The shape of the island even changes with the wind and water current. How wavy is that?   2. Sample some vino. If you have a taste for it, visit Stina Winery and watch the sunset whilst you sample some local wines with your crew. If you're early risers, grab a coffee at one of the many cafes along the beautiful Riva, take a seat in the shade and have a good book to hand.  3. Scoot around. Adventurers and explorers, hiring scooters is a great way to see the natural wonders Bol has to offer. Rent your ride and go wild through the pines.     4. Wander around the backstreets and read all of the marked panels along the buildings explaining their history or if you want to get your heart racing, hike up to the coronet of Bols hills, the illlyrian fortress Kostilo (660m) and the Vidova gora (778m).   5. Rent a rib, grab your skis and go catch some waves. This place is paradise for surfers because of the extraordinarily good winds. If you prefer to discover the underwater world of the Adriatic, you can always try diving instead?   6. Feast your heat out. Foodies, most restaurants offer local and Mediterranean specialties, the most popular being ‘lamb on a spit’ and ‘octopus under peka’. If you want to try something different, you should definitely order ‘Vitalac,’ one of Brac's authentic dishes. This place really is unBOLievable. Happy exploring! Not yet booked this summer? Still a some yachts and cabins left. Jump to it 🎉

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