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Yacht Week

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Posted on 18th September 2018

Well, that was pretty special. Wasn’t it? What an incredible summer packed full of surprises and special moments. Too many highlights to mention. But if we had to name a few, here's one or two just for you...


Summer highlights:

1. Introducing: The Buzz Boat | 📍 Croatia

What happens when you take a beached taxi boat and release TYW’s product team on it? The winged wonder, our Floating Art Car Arthropod powered by Void Acoustics, created a ripple effect through our raft parties in Croatia with its banging beats all summer long. 🎉

2. The FAIRground yacht  | 📍 Croatia

Our brand new Floating Artists In Residence yacht was a fantastic addition to the fleet in Croatia this summer. Filled with budding creatives & performers, such as the likes of talented glitter girls from Jingo and the roar-some foursome from House of Dinosaur; the entire team exploded our world in full colour and sparkle and all things to make you marvel.  

3. The gang from GoPro  | 📍 Croatia, Week 31

It’s always fun seeing TYW through the lens of talented content creators! We were blessed to have a boat full of the best @gopro creators from around the world join us on the water for 7 days of sun, sea and stoke this season. Catch up on our adventures from Week 31 on Instagram; check out the #GoProTYW tag.  

4. Phenomenal DJ's  | 📍 Across all routes

This year, an epic line-up of DJs brought an unrivaled energy to all of our raft parties across the seas. We were blessed with an array of sweet, salty symphonies from the likes of good-vibe providing Goldroom, global dance phenomenon Hedkandi, gold mask wearing Claptone and hip-hop loving Applebum. They turned our decks upside down and round and round.  

5. Life drawing  | 📍 Greece

We loved anchoring up and getting arty in Greece this summer. Slowing things down, embracing the "nudity is art" frame of mind and facing the creative challenge that Life Drawing has to offer head-on. Anastasia Miri and Iska Luftont, in the framework of the Nood project, combined naked life drawing and food to inspire the talented artists among the fleet to pick up their pencils.  

6. Yoga in the middle of the sea  | 📍 Montenegro

Not all highlights have to be heart-rate raising. There's more to The Yacht Week than having your toes in the sand and a cocktail in hand. Like the tide, the pace of life on all of our routes ebbs and flows. We mixed it up in Monty for a day and manned a platform in the middle of the Adriatic for a few feel-good flows. The result:   

7. Proud to partner with DW | 📍 Greece, W35

We were extremely proud to hoist our sails and partner up with Daniel Wellington in Greece; adding an impressive global network of travellers to the fleet for Week 35 and to The Yacht Week family for the forseeable future.  

8. Yacht Weekers of 2018 | 📍Worldwide

As always, the real highlight of our summer was all 12,450 of you.
  Thanks from the bottom of our overfull hearts. You made our summer all that it was. If you missed out this season, fear not. Next year we'll be doing it all over again. Think bigger. Think better. Sign yourself up for 2019 and gain access to pre-bookings and all the perks. General bookings open October 25.  

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